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Alicia Silverstone’s Last Survivors to Release in February 2022

Alicia Silverstone in The Last Survivor

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Earlier this year, we brought news of a brand new dystopian film called SHTF starring Alicia Silverstone and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer. But now we have word that the name of the film was changed and it’s now expected to release in February of 2022.

Now called Last Survivors, the Vertical Entertainment film will make its official debut at London’s FrightFest Film Festival on October 30.

The movie’s plot has remained despite the name change. It centers around a man named Troy (Stephen Moyer) and his grown son, Jake, (Drew Van Acker) who are surviving some sort of apocalypse in their secluded survival bunker 20 years after everything ended. When pops get wounded, his son is forced to head out into the world to find help. Troy insists that Jake avoid any human contact, even going so far as to order him to kill anyone he sees. But Jake doesn’t listen (kids, amirite) and starts a relationship with Alicia Silverstone’s character, Henrietta.

Of course Troy isn’t too crazy about this relationship so he sets out to do anything he can to break them up and return his life to the perfect utopia he’s built for himself and his son.

The plan is to bring Last Survivors to both the US and UK markets at the same time in February. “The Last Survivors filmmaking team breathes life into this film through their passion and dedication and it is embodied in phenomenal storytelling and emotionally captivating scenes, all of which drew us to this project,” said Vertical Entertainment Partner, Peter Jarowey. “We’re looking forward to bringing the film to worldwide audiences.”

Last Survivors is written by Josh Janowicz and Sunil Perkash with Drew Mylrea heading up the project.

In addition to the FrightFest showing, Last Survivors will also play in the Fanomenon section of the Leeds International Film Festival on November 4 and 5 of this year.

“We made a film during a COVID surge in the frigid but beautiful Montana mountains last December that brought together an impressive and passionate group of talented artists who gave everything they had to bring this chilling and heartbreaking film to life,” said Perkash.

“Audiences are going to be terrified and moved all at the same time by our film.”


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