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Fans Think Aaron of ‘The Walking Dead’ & Al of ‘Fear TWD’ Might Be Related

Could Aaron and Al be related on TWD

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Fans have a theory about The Walking Dead that might put a real twist on the overlapping universes of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. After watching one of the newest episodes of Fear TWD, they’re wondering if a story about Al’s childhood might connect her to Aaron’s childhood too. Could they be related? In fact, could they be brother and sister?

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Could Aaron & Al Be Brother and Sister?

The theory was brought up several times in Reddit discussion groups. In Season 6 Episode 3, one Redditor pointed out, Al told Dwight while they were collecting dead people’s licenses that she and her brother used to collect license plates. Meanwhile, during The Walking Dead, Aaron has been known to collect license plates.

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One fan pointed out that Al had said in Season 5 that she had a brother named Jesse who died, so the theory might be stretching things a little. But is it possible that she had more than one brother, and only talks about the one who died? Some fans aren’t ready to give up their theory quite yet.

Others pointed out that Aaron, when talking to Gamma, talked about having a brother and didn’t mention a sister. Redditor MarysSmith, however, pointed out that there is still the possibility that there are three siblings and Aaron and Al both have talked about the same brother who died. Maryssmith remembered that Al’s brother Jesse died when she was filming the Army and National Guard story, and that tape is still very important to her because it’s all she has left of Jesse. Al later talks about how they used to collect license places, but she doesn’t actually name that brother. There’s a possibility she was talking about a different brother in that story, or that she has more than one brother but only one died.

Maryssmith goes on to point out that Aaron used to collect license plates with his partner Eric, and once talked about having a brother who was no longer around. Is it possible that Aaron collected license plates because he used to do that as a kid, too?

Maryssmith put together an interesting theory about the whole thing that you might enjoy reading:

Or Maybe They’re Not Related, But Connected Through Al’s Brother

Another Redditor, Speedx77, came up with an alternative theory. Perhaps Aaron and Al’s brother, Jesse, were once friends. Aaron talked about traveling the mountains with a friend — maybe that was Jesse. And maybe Jesse was the one who taught Aaron to collect license plates.

It all seems to be a bit of a stretch, but is it possible? Maybe there’s a reason both shows mentioned collecting license plates.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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