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Epic Fan Fiction: A Game of Thrones Meets It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Its always sunny in philadelphia game of thrones crossover

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A Game of Thrones and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have a few things in common. They both take place in a morally bankrupt hellscape. Every plot turn seems more depressing than the last. And they obviously put a ton of effort into the title credits.

Spurred by rumors about Mac and Charlie being cast this season in Game of Thrones, fans have imagined a full-on crossover – with the gang spreading their particular brand of chaos all over Westeros. Below you’ll find our favorite fan fictions inspired by Game of Thrones and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

1. It’s Always Sunny in Westeros

In this YouTube video, Dee and Dennis Cercei and Jaimie seem pretty bummed that little Bran survived his fall.

2. The Gang Brings Down the Wall

Inspired by a reddit post about Mac and Charlie, fans got creative on how the crossover might go in “The Gang Brings Down the Wall”.

the characters from its always sunny discuss blowing the horn of joramun

3. The RHAEGAR System

Rhaegar kidnapping Lyanna was just step three in the RHAEGAR system. This photo inspired by a comment on reddit from TheTrueMilo.

Rhaegar and Dennis both show off their system

4. Theon as Cricket

Theon and Cricket really do have a lot in common.

Theon as Cricket

5. Theon has a Milk of the Poppy Problem

Things are getting pretty dark for Cricket Theon and his Milk of the Poppy addiction.

Theon will do anything for more milk of the poppy

6. The Gang Kicks off Robert’s Rebellion

Taking the Rhaegar as Dennis angle gets out of hand quickly in The Gang Kicks Off Robert’s Rebellion.

Rhaegar raped Lyanna we think

7. Frank Sets Dee Shireen on Fire

Another title episode that just seems meant to be.

A reddit user thought he might do this.

8. Franks Thinks all Maesters are Jewish

The gang discusses ravens, maesters, and conspires to get close with Ramsay.

Charlie thinks ravens are inefficient.

9. The STANNIS System

Immolate your heir is step six of the Stannis System.

Stannis is presented as an antonym

10. The Lannisters as McPoyle Siblings

No fan fiction would be complete with a reference to the McPoyle family. The Tumblr ItsAlwaysSunnyintheSevenKingdoms saw a lot of similarities between the McPoyles and the Lannisters.

Bonus Fan Fiction: Arthur Dayne as Day Man

This one is just for the book readers.

this reddit submission compares arthur dayne and day man

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