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4 Zombie Apocalypse Problems No One’s Talking About

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TV shows and movies do a great job of showing the gritty, hard life of a zombie apocalypse or any other post-apocalyptic world. But no one talks about the BIG every day zombie apocalypse problems that many people would face… If you think the zombie apocalypse might be fun, consider these catastrophes first:

4. Braces and Other Half-Done Procedures

Think about it… If you’re halfway through braces and the zombie apocalypse hits, you might be stuck with braces…FOREVER.

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Can you imagine how annoying this would be? You’re trying to tear into a half-cooked fish that your brother bought, and pieces of meat are getting stuck in your braces. But guess what? No floss! You’re just stuck this way. 🙁

On Twitter user alerted me to this terrible possibility.

She’s got a great point. I mean, what kind of choice IS that? Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to find someone to get rid of your braces, but the chances are slim. And even if you do, how do you know that person won’t take advantage of you or kill you once you can’t fight back? This just makes me think of all the other awful things you could be stuck with… Half-finished perm? (Does anyone still get those?) Half-finished breast implants. A face lift that isn’t complete. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

3. Diabetes

If you’ve got diabetes, you might REALLY be in trouble, as another alert Twitter user informed me.

As @kueznkaz pointed out, Type 2 diabetics might make it out OK. They’ll lose a lot of weight in the apocalypse and, in some cases, that might actually help them with their diabetes. But Type 1 diabetics have to keep an ongoing stockpile of insulin.

So, this power station must be kept quiet enough that we don’t attract visitors (remember what we learned from The Walking Dead!) But it’s got to keep the insulin fresh. Maybe move to the Arctic so you have snow all year round? It’s a tough situation.

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2. Curly Hair Issues

This isn’t life or death, but I couldn’t resist adding it. As a girl with naturally wavy/curly hair, I get so annoyed at how relatively great people’s hairs look in the post apocalypse, without hair dryers.

The 100

I’m thinking Beth from Walking Dead, Maggie from Walking Dead, Clarke from The 100, every single female on Revolution, every single female on LOST, and the list goes on and on…

#The100, #TWD and #Lost don't prepare curly hair girls for apocalyptic life. #FalseHope Share on X

If you have naturally straight hair, you can probably achieve this list. But for those of us with naturally wavy hair, if we don’t have access to a hair dryer (here’s the frizz!) or a straightener, you’ll get something that looks like an afro or a half-afro/half-not bizarre look. They NEVER show this on TV!

I would have to keep a Carol-from-The-Walking-Dead haircut in the apocalypse. Which wouldn’t be so bad, considering how bad-ass she is.

1. No More Pet Cats

This one just hurts. 🙁

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Cats and the apocalypse

This is the big issue that no one wants to talk about. I’ve joked with my husband that when the apocalypse comes, I am keeping my cats. I don’t care – I’m putting them on harnesses and taking them with me. But is it really possible? Cats might survive well, but not as pets. They’ll run away at the slightest loud sound. They’ll hunt, but only for themselves. They’re not really pack animals, so they might only show back up when they’re hungry (if they haven’t already disappeared far, far away after that last loud sound.)

I hate to say it… But the apocalypse might bring about the end of cats as pets. 🙁

Is there anything I missed that would be missing or totally crazy during an apocalypse, but we never hear about on TV? Let me know in the comments below!

    Stephanie Dwilson started Post Apocalyptic Media with her husband Derek. She's a licensed attorney and has a master's in science and technology journalism. You can reach her at [email protected].

    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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