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12 Monkeys Renewed for a Fourth, Final Season: Fans Celebrate (And Grieve a Little)

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It seems that Syfy is experimenting with a Netflix-level type of binge TV: 12 Monkeys Season 3 is being released over a three-day period. All 10 episodes will air May 19-21. Syfy also announced that Season 4 will be the final season, with 10 episodes. It’s unclear if this is because 12 Monkeys had lower ratings or if it’s part of an experiment. Either way, fans are excited to be able to binge the show and they’re super glad it will get its rightful ending.

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Here are some reactions to the news on Twitter:



The news has posed a dilemma for some fans:

And some fans already have high hopes for extending the show’s future:

We’ll echo this Twitter user’s post before we sign off:

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