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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of October 13-19

YouTube Round-up

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SurrounDead First Look | Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Game
Meatwagon22 takes a deep look at the zombie survival game SurrounDead. We featured the game in another YouTube Roundup back in August, but recent improvements make this one to keep an eye on.

10 Best Apocalyptic Video Games That DON’T Involve Zombies
While I do enjoy the occasional zombie flick, I usually don’t like playing games that pit you against hordes and hordes of undead. So you can imagine I was excited to see this video. The list includes some of my all-time favorites like Frostpunk, The Long Dark, and Fallout: New Vegas.

Deadland 4000 | Post-Apocalyptic Traditional Rogue-Like
Deadland 4000 is a turn-based rogue-like game that is set waaaaay into the future (the year 4000). It plays as an intense survival game that this video’s host, Blind, seems to really enjoy.

Zombie + Post Apocalyptic War Machine
Why are model-building videos so soothing? This one turns an otherwise normal Russian military van model into a post-apocalyptic battle vehicle thanks to the addition of some accessories and a zombie killer miniature. The end product is really quite good.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Time Trap” | DUST | Throwback Thursday
DUST is one of my all-time favorite channels for sci-fi short films. This one is described as: “After losing control of his engines, bumbling spaceman Fripp finds himself at the mercy of his spaceship. A thrilling descent through an asteroid belt ensues, after which he finds himself marooned on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Without a working spacecraft, the interstellar time-traveler must dip into the dead planet’s history in order to find a way home.”

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