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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of November 24-30

Fallout YTRU

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The Post Apocalyptic Transcontinental Voyage
This ingenious video explores the route that may have been taken by the Fallout franchise’s Brotherhood of Steel during their First Expeditionary Force in 2103. As the host points out, this is not cannon to the game’s extensive lore, but more of a hypothetical route imagined by him. Still, it’s incredibly interesting for Fallout lore nerds.

Betrayal – post apocalyptic short film
This low-budget short film tells the story of two survivors of a zombie apocalypse who must also survive each other.

Sity of the Gods – Post Apocalyptic Short Story Dramatic Reading
“The Lorekeeper of Angel Island leads his young apprentice into the City of the Gods, the ruins of a long forgotten age destroyed by fire from the sky.” I’m not really sure why the title is spelled “Sity” and then “City” in the description, but that might not bother everyone like it bothers me. Still, Casey Jarmes has a huge library of narrated stories on his website, which you can find linked in his YouTube bio.

I Think This Open-World Survival Base Building Game is the most Unusual Post-Apocalyptic Sim Yet…
If Raptor calls your game the “most unusual” anything, you know it has to be good. In this video, Raptor takes a look at the freaky post-apocalyptic sim called Urge.

SCORCHED EARTH (2022) | Official Trailer | Post-Apocalyptic, Action, Thriller
I don’t usually include short teaser trailers on this round-up, but Scorched Earth looks like a good little movie. The production company, Retro Gem Media, states that this is the first of two trailers and the film will release later this year. Better hurry up, we only have a month left of this year!

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