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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of November 10-16

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Harvest | Post-Apocalyptic Short Film | Apocalypse 2022
Harvest is a short film by Weiss Majewski that was inspired by the current events of 2022. “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realise that one cannot eat money.” Great message!

The Truth behind Van Damme’s Cyborg will Shock You! / Greatest Post-Apocalyptic movie ever!
If you’re a fan of the cult classic Jean Claude Van Damme movie Cyborg, you’ll like this behind-the-scenes look at the movie from writer/director Sheldon Lettich.

Kit-Bashing post apocalyptic scavengers from Stargrave/Perry minis
The Cavy Forge does some model kit bashing in this video to combine characters from an Afgan warrior set with some Stargrave set for the perfect post-apocalyptic look. The result is pretty impressive!

Horror Film ANTIDOTE – FULL MOVIE | Post-Apocalyptic Infection Movie
This full-length film tells the story of a few people who survived a devastating plague only to face much worse horrors. It stars Kate Flanagan, Michael Izquierdo, Matthew Rauch, and Kathleen Wise.

Shelf Pick: Post-Apocalyptic Thriller SHADOWS
Shadows just released yesterday (November 15) on VOD. The film’s description reads: “When sisters Alma and Alex follow Mother for a hunting trip, a series of events begin in which they discover the truth about the SHADOWS and their own reality.”

Award Winning Short Film | The Guardian | The Orbs’ Archive (2022) | SCI-FI/FANTASY POST APOCALYPTIC
The Orbs’ Archive is a short concept film that just premiered on November 14. The movie follows the adventures of Raddix and Emma in a post apocalyptic world. “Raddix is bent on restoring what is known as ‘the Order of the Orbs,’ and bringing about peace and stability throughout the region. The legendary ‘Archive’ is known to contain the mysteries of the magics that exist in the world, and is rumored to contain the answers that Raddix seeks.”

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