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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of May 26-June 1

YouTube Round-up

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My Time at Sandrock Gameplay | First Look
My Time at Sand Rock is the arguably more post-apocalyptic sequel to My Time at Portia that just released this week. As a big fan of MTaP, I’m excited to see this sequel. And from this video, I can tell that it seems to have some welcome improvements over the original.

Making a Post Apocalyptic VW Bus Tank for my next Resin Diorama / Part 1 / Zombie Stomper
Post-apocalyptic dioramas and scale models are always a welcome addition to this YouTube round-up each week, and this video (being one of two in that category) shows off a tiny VW bus made into the Zombie Stomper tank. The rust is real with this one!

Survive Until Daylight – A Co-Op Post Apocalyptic Survival Game | Kickstarter Preview
Quackalope explains this co-op survival card game that’s hitting Kickstarter very soon. What’s the point of the game? What are the best strategies? It’s all explained very well here.

How To Keep A Settlement Stable – Post Apocalyptic Writing Advice
If you’re an author working on a post-apocalyptic world, Dan Hook has some valuable advice for writing a believable settlement. It’s a quick and dirty video, but still helpful.

Conspiracy Of Kalachakra | 4K
This trippy short film is about time travel and the conspiracies that surround it.

Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Mad Max style model cars
We’ve featured Robster Bob’s post-apocalyptic scale model builds before, so this one could be considered a follow-up that shows off a couple finished vehicles. If you’re a model builder, this could serve as inspiration for your next project.

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