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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of March 4-10

Youtube Round-up

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It’s good to know that the old ways have not been forgotten. And by old ways, I’m talking about forms of entertainment that don’t require a screen (although, ironically, you’re reading this via a screen).

I’m talking about good old fashioned board games, books, and old timey radio shows — and this week’s YouTube Round-up has elements of all three!

Post Apocalyptic News Radio – Siege Broadcasts
The Post Apocalyptic News Radio is an ongoing channel with regular “broadcasts” from the wasteland. Definitely worth a listen if you’re into classic radio shows with a post-apocalyptic flair.

Vigor: Survival Shooter GamePlay Trailer
We’ve featured Vigor on this round-up series before, but it’s quite an impressive-looking game. This video shows off more of the 2019 title’s gameplay and features if you’re on the fence about getting it.

A Deeper look at Biomutant — New Game Footage
Biomutant is not out yet but the teasers we’ve seen really have us excited for its release on May 25th of this year. This video shows off and explains more of the character creation process, fighting, and more.

Chaos Walking Movie Review
Chaos Walking is not enjoying too many positive reviews since its release earlier this month, despite the fact that it features some big stars like Daisy Ridley, but Flick Connection really seemed to enjoy the film. Check out his detailed explanation of why it might be worth a watch for post-apocalyptic movie fans.

Maximum Apocalypse: Legendary Edition Review
Maximum Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic roguelike board game for 1-6 players. Beastie Geeks takes a look at what you get with the Legendary Edition, how to play, and his overall thoughts on the game.

Interview With Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Author Keshia McEntire
As a huge book fan, I always love to see and read interviews with authors in the genre. Keshia McEntire is an accomplished author who has written several books including The Eden Saga. I especially appreciate how the interviewer lays out all questions in the video’s description along with timestamps. Very useful!

Short School Project Advert for Incubate App
So I’m glad that this one caught my attention because it only had 3 views on a channel with 1 subscriber when I found it. This is a student project for a fake smartphone app named Incubate. The short “commercial” is actually quite amazing and it features one of the most popular post-apocalyptic cars that you see in all low-budget B-movies: The “Monstr Carlo” built by Ron Griffith. The advert was obviously filmed during or around Wasteland Weekend, but everything about the atmosphere of this little video is just so great in the simplest of ways.

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