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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of December 2-8

YouTube Round-up

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How Ethics Change Over Time and Geography – with Colin Moriarty & Rick Hoeg
Would would happen to ethics when the world ends? Would people hold on to basic human kindness, or would evil prevail? This video podcast explores the breakdown of good and bad from a legal perspective.

Post Apocalyptic Fashion What to Wear After the Fall
Another video podcast, this one is from author Sara F. Hathaway and Chin Gibson of The Changing Earth Podcast who discuss the practicalities of apparel in a long-term survival situation. Will fashion matter, or will clothing be a simple matter of survival? Check out this episode of the long-running podcast for more.

Top 10 (Arguably) Most Overdone Themes Found In Post/Apoc Fiction
Thrashpondo has some thoughts on the tropes he’s discovered in recent post-apocalyptic short films. I thought this was an interesting listen because, as someone who watches tons of these films each week, I agree with just about everything he has to say about the over-used themes. Check out the video and see if you agree.

Horizon Forbidden West New Gameplay PS5 4K
Horizon Forbidden West may not release until next year, but this video shows off some gorgeous gameplay caught on the elusive PS5. We see some of the game’s incredible combat on land and underwater. February 18th can’t come soon enough!

Future World (2018) Recapped
Future World is a movie that came out in 2018, but this recap of the film really makes me want to rewatch it. Sure, it has some really bad story moments, but it really does have some great visuals and the cast is impressive(ish). I mean, it stars Snoop Dogg as a pimp named Love Lord. C’mon!


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