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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of December 16-22

YouTube Round-up

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Edge of Extinction | Full Movie | Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
This indie film’s story takes place 15 years after the last world war takes out civilization and the nuclear winter is over. Those left must survive by any means necessary.

Evenfall: Chapter Three (Winter)
If you’ve been keeping up with Evenfall through previous installments of the YouTube Round-up, you’ll know that this is one quality indie film. This is the third chapter of the story, entitled Winter. This chapter follows Claire and Reg as they find someone who may be able to help them on their journey.

Station Eleven | The Beginner’s Guide | HBO Max
Station Eleven premiered last week on HBO Max, so the streaming service decided to create this beginner’s guide to get you familiar with the story that’s based on the best-selling novel of the same name. You can also check out a brand new interview with star Mackenzie Davis as she discusses more about the series.

Invasion (Zombie Apocalypse)THEM Post-Apocalyptic Series, Book 1 By M. D. Massey (Audiobook) FULL
“When a surprise nuclear attack forces Aidan from hiding, he finds the world to be a much different and more deadly place. Now, he’ll traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by violent redneck looters, rogue military factions, and an army of hungry undead.” This is the first novel in M.D. Massey’s “Them” series.

HEYWiRE – Post Apocalyptic Short Film
This short film was inspired by the many, many other post-apocalyptic short films on YouTube, according to the creator. “We wanted to do something very unique and of course with a very low budget.”

FreakAngels – Official Trailer (2022)
The popular post-apocalyptic graphic novel series is coming to Crunchyroll as a brand new anime adaptation on January 27, 2022.

Creamerie | Official Trailer | Hulu
You might be getting some major Y: The Last Man vibes from this Hulu series about an apocalyptic event that wiped out 99% of men, but this one is more of a low-budget comedy set in New Zealand. So yeah, it’s totally different.

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