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Here’s Why Alicia Would Have Been the Best Crossover for The Walking Dead & Fear


We just learned tonight that Morgan is going to be crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead. I wrote a long story about this for Heavy here, trying to figure out just how Morgan fits in the timelines of the shows (it isn’t easy.) But logistically and creatively, Alicia would have been a much better choice, crossing over from Fear the Walking Dead to The Walking Dead instead. It’s not that I don’t like Morgan. I love the character and am a big fan of the actor. But Alicia would have been the perfect choice, creatively and logistically. Here’s why.

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Alycia Debnam Carey is a Phenomenal Actress Who Would Thrive on The Walking Dead


Alycia is an amazing actress. Her role as Lexa on The 100 still has fans talking, years after she left. But she’s not being given enough range or storylines worthy of her talent on Fear. Don’t get me wrong. Fear is a great show now and maybe even better sometimes than The Walking DeadBut Alycia can do so much more than what she’s been given. Fans want to see her grow, like Carol has. As an actress, she’s already ready to take on that role in a post-apocalyptic setting because she’s played it before.

Alicia Would Fit Into The Walking Dead’s Universe Smoothly

Alicia would fit into The Walking Dead’s universe perfectly, like a key in a lock.

Alicia would fit in #TheWalkingDead universe perfectly, more easily than Morgan fits into #FearTWD. Click to Tweet

Now, I love Morgan. I think Lennie James is a phenomenal actor, and Morgan is one of my favorite characters on the show. But it’s going to be tough to fit him into Fear the Walking Dead’s universe without stretching the limits of believability. Alicia, meanwhile, doesn’t need to stretch believability. Walking Dead is currently years ahead of Fear the Walking Dead. And Alicia is already separating herself from her family in Fear’s current storyline. It would be so easy to just have her disappear from Fear and reappear on The Walking Dead, years down the line, now a badass post-apocalyptic leader. Dare I say…it would be epic.

Alycia Has a Huge Fan Following, Which The Walking Dead Needs

Clarke and Lexa from The 100

The Walking Dead has been hitting a viewership low lately. It just recently fell to a six-year low. I’m not sure why, because it’s a great show. But it needs an influx of fresh viewers and a new reason for people to get excited. Negan was a great draw, but now it’s time for a new draw. Alycia, meanwhile, has a huge following from The 100. They didn’t all follow her to Fear. But I imagine if she moved on to The Walking Dead, which is a much bigger show, her fans would get excited and tune in to support her. This would bring new, younger viewers to the show, which it needs. Since Morgan is moving to Fear, it’s only fair for Fear to send someone over to The Walking Dead. That character should be Alicia.

What do you think? Should Alicia have been the crossover character? Let us know in the comments and by choosing one of these two posts to tweet:

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  1. You must be a huge Lexa fan to have written this nonsense article. And I don’t blame you as Lexa was a once in a lifetime character but Alicia is not. Not only would Alycia the actress fade quickly into the background in comparison to the deep talent The Walking Dead has. As she is a good a actress but not a mind blowing talent to fit in effortlessly with TWD cast. Their talent would blow her’s out of the water any given day. Her story line Alicia’s on Fear is just not that strong enough to be a standout or worth caring for. The writers screwed up her arch when they introduced guy after guy in 3 seasons to move along her story line. That has made her actually boring, unoriginal, generic and just not interesting enough to support or have a connection of empathy for. The Alicia story line can be fantastic with original creative writers. And hopefully in season 4 that is what will happen for the character but she would be window dressing in TWD and nothing more. Her character needs to evolve with more depth and the best place for that would be Fear and not TWD.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t personally think Alycia would fade in the background like you think. It would depend a lot on the writing, of course. I tend to think that her talent would really grow surrounded by that great cast.

      Alicia as a character is definitely far more than the guys she dates. But that’s why I think she’d be a great addition to TWD. A time jump into the future could show that she’s quietly grown into someone who is a force to be reckoned with in TWD world. But as she’s staying on Fear, I’m looking forward to seeing more character growth, hopefully like Carol has grown over the seasons.

      I think Morgan will be a great addition to Fear. But it would be entertaining to do a character swap, and I still stand by the idea that Alicia would be the best choice.

      1. Tbh I am disappointed in Alycia Debnam-Carey’s portrayal of Alicia. Personally after 3 seasons it still feels that she has not connected with this character. That said knowing what she did with Lexa perhaps my expectations was a bit too high here.

        Story wise for Alicia sorry I have to disagree again the fact that the writers needed each and every time to bring in a guy potential love interest and love interest in a way was an insult to the character to begin with. In the beginning we meet Alicia as a strong very intelligent goal driven individual. But I don’t know why but they stripped those qualities away for no plausible reason and turned her into a love sick directionless puppy. In order for this character to become relevant is to go back to those qualities and make them shine. And I believe so will the actress’s performance. As we know that Alycia Debnam-Carey can portray the strong independent of thinking character worth respecting. Her story line at the moment is too weak for TWD. And unfortunately Alycia’s performance has not been up to par. If Fear wants to utilize her fan base then they are going to have to drastically change this character. And as Fear does not imo have a strong lead, Alycia should be the choice to become the show’s lead. But again they are going to have to change her character drastically.

        I think also Morgan will be a great addition. Just timeline wise and logically how he wil into Fear baffles me.

  2. Nah. Alicia’s body looks meek and nothin close to badass. Thinkin of her as a badass makes me laugh. Alicia should die soon. Wtf does she stand for. Wtf are her cool qualities besides bein man hungry? Don’t care for this character. An as the walking dead universe as a whole we are bigger than Alycia’s fan base. And she has made no impact on our universe. So don’t count on her fan base to help keep this chick around especially now with the crossover. She was awesome as Lexa but Alicia sucks! She’s gotta go. Unrealistic article.

  3. This write-up must be a joke. Alicia is the least developed role on the show. And she the “smarter choice” to crossover? Bwahahahahahhaha!!! Maybe if she was going to lie on her back again and be Daryl’s booty call like she was with that idiot Jake. She’s a horrible role. LMAO!

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