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What Do the Aliens Look Like on Colony? [PHOTOS]

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The aliens on Colony are still a big mystery. We wrote an in-depth post about the top theories about the aliens, along with everything we know about them so far, here. Now we’re going to go a little more in-depth into what the aliens look like. We don’t have a lot of clues, but we have some photos that can help us put together a few clues. (By the way, if you want to rewatch parts of Season 1, stream it on Amazon here.) (Note: The end of this story has been updated to reflect the new information we got in the Season 3 premiere.) 

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The Aliens Are Humanoid

First, when Katie & company kidnapped a Host last season, this is what it looked like:

(USA Network/Colony)

You can distinctly see that it’s a humanoid shape, but its fingers are much longer than ours and he only has four fingers. It also has to wear a lot of protective gear, because apparently it can’t breathe our atmosphere. (Or there’s something else afoot, which we’ll speculate about in the next section.)

Here are some more views of the alien while they were examining it during the Season 1 finale:

(USA Network/Colony)
(USA Network/Colony)
(USA Network/Colony)

We never got to see its face, unfortunately. When they started to remove the shield, a distress call was sent out and the drones arrived. Katie didn’t have time to look under the alien’s helmet. (But let’s be honest, if you or I had been that close to the alien, taking off its helmet would probably have been the first thing we would have done!)

And here’s another view of the alien, provided by USA Network:

Of course, there’s always a chance that this is all a big ploy and the aliens wear the suits to hide the fact that they aren’t humanoid at all. But Season 2 dismissed that idea.

When Snyder Met the Alien, Its Mouth Wasn’t Covered by Its Helmet

Just a small note of difference… When Snyder was introduced to an alien pre-invasion, his mouth was not covered by his visor. The suit he was wearing was ever-so-slightly different. This could be due to the fact that the alien was in a secure environment rather than outside.

We did get to see the alien walk, and he’s very comfortable in his own skin, so to speak. “He” was very sure-footed in his steps.

Because the bottom of the alien’s face wasn’t covered and we could see his mouth, my theory that they might not really be humanoid, but only wearing the suits to trick us, seems less and less likely.

We do know that Snyder’s visit with the alien completely blew him away and led him to believe there was nothing we could do to fight back. That they are pretty much all powerful. So what exactly did he see after the camera cut out?

The Aliens Are Fragile In Some Way

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Despite their power, the aliens are also fragile in some way. Communicating with them is difficult because of how they process time, we learned last season. Despite this huge advancement, people have to be decontaminated with UV lights before coming in contact with them. Either that or they have to wear suits whenever they’re near us. So they could be very prone to infections of some sort.

I tend to guess the fragility may be all about time. The alien wasn’t wearing a helmet over his mouth when he met Snyder, and Snyder wasn’t wearing a helmet over his own face. So the problem isn’t likely our atmosphere. However, the room did have to be kept pretty cold (at least it appeared that way). I’m guessing the aliens’ suit allows them to stay in “our” universe and in “our” version of spacetime. Either that, or it allows them to exist in our gravity. (However, gravity and time are very closely linked, as you’ll learn if you study physics, so needing one could also be a sign of the other.)

Season 3 Premiere Updates

During the Season 3 premiere of Colony, we learned some new information about the aliens through a crashed ship. The dialogue hinted that yes, this might indeed be what they look like without their suits. But the pictures weren’t that great, so it didn’t really give us that much new information. Here is what we saw:

Colony Alien (USA Network)

What do you think about the aliens so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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