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Utopia Update: What’s Happening with the Cast?

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A lot of our blog visitors having been asking for a Utopia update about the cast. We’ve got some very interesting updates right here!


Bella is back! She’s active on Facebook and you can find her here. She just posted a Thanksgiving video and it looks like she’ll be doing a mini-YouTube series called “Being Bella.”

Bella is back with a video for her fans! #UtopiaUpdate @UtopiaGossip Share on X

Amanda Scott

Her baby shower was this past Saturday (and included gifts sent by Utopian fans!) She posted a public thank you on her Facebook.

Crazy Cal

There’s way too much about Cal to put in this post. Be on the lookout for a new post in the next couple days with updates about the “Caltopia” that he’s creating.


Nikki Noce has posted a two-part blog series about her experience in Utopia. The parts I found most interesting:

  • Kristen admitted to Nikki that she was deleting her emails. I would have been furious, but Nikki said she holds no hard feelings toward her.
  • She said there were many misconceptions about her and Cal. They were only friends. She didn’t like his approach on many things in the community.
  • “Eventually I limited such discussions with him and oftentimes chose not to react because his opinions were so strong and my purpose is not to try to change people’s minds. And trust me, he didn’t sway my opinions. Quite frankly it was energy depleting to discuss various topics with him because he was so absolute with his opinions.” – About her and #CrazyCal
  • There was also no romance between her and Ernesto, although she respects him greatly.
Nikki says Kristen admitted to deleting her emails... @UtopiaGossip #UtopiaUpdate Share on X

Pastor Jon

5th Ave Dave recently posted a six minute video (link here) that’s a music video interspersed with Pastor Jon’s interactions with different people in Utopia, along with Dave’s baptism.

Check out this music video about Pastor Jon & Utopia! #UtopiaUpdate @UtopiaGossip Share on X


Inspired by her success on Utopia, Hex has now opened an Etsy shop to sell her jewelry called Movement Jewelry. 

So far she has three sets of earrings for sale and she’s donating 100% of the net profits to a different charity every month.


Pastor Jon posted on Facebook that he baptized Aaron when Aaron came to his church in November. Wasn’t expecting that Utopia update, were you?!

5th Ave Dave (aka Ex Con Dave)

OK, apparently he posted a gofundme account seeking $50,000 for his new life…and got a TON of flak about it! This thread details what happened, along with screenshots that one alert reader took before Dave took down his gofundme venture. Here’s a picture of the main page from the now-departed site:

Dave tried to get $50k through GoFundMe for his New Life. #UtopiaUpdate @UtopiaGossip Share on X

Utopia Update: Dave's GoFundMe account


He’s now selling glass art on eBay. Check it out here!

I’ll be posting more updates about Utopia, including a post about Cal’s “Caltopia” and a post about Christmas ideas for Utopia fans. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.  To stay updated, please subscribe to this blog!

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