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What Time is TWD: Dead City Airing? Here’s a Countdown!

TWD: Dead City

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The time every Maggie and Negan fan has been waiting for is finally here! The Walking Dead is back with its spin-off, Dead City, and is airing tomorrow on the AMC and AMC+ channels. There’s a little bit of confusion around the times when it will air, with some saying it will be earlier, some at the same time. So what time is TWD: Dead City airing? Let’s take a look.

When Will TWD: Dead City Air?

The first episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City will air tomorrow night, June 18, at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific. There will be no early airing of the episode on that day, and both AMC and AMC+ will air the show at the same time. However, places like Wikipedia and Fansided reported that consecutive episodes will be airing on Thursday on AMC+, and then Sunday at the regular time. Trying to confirm this fact with AMC+ is an absolute nightmare, as they have no information about this part anywhere, not even on their website. So, to make sure, we’ll have to stick around next Thursday to find out if the first episode airs early on the network.

In the meantime, here’s a countdown for tomorrow’s episode!


And in case this one doesn’t work, here’s a second countdown!

TWD: Dead City

What Can We Expect in TWD: Dead City? 

Here’s a general idea of what the show is about: Maggie and Negan embark on a perilous journey through a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, isolated from the outside world. Their mission: to find Maggie’s son, Hershel, who has been abducted. The crumbling city they explore is a haunting wasteland, teeming with both walkers and resilient survivors who, as we know from past The Walking Dead experiences, tend to be worse than actual undead. This story encapsulates their relentless pursuit, showcasing the themes of family, survival, and the fragile balance between humanity and destruction in this desolate realm.

Here’s a preview of the series.

So far, wiki shows the series as having 6 episodes. Here are the titles:

  • Episode 1: “Old Acquaintances” airing June 18, 2023 on both AMC and AMC+
  • Episode 2: “Who’s There?” June 25, 2023 on AMC and June 22, 2023 on AMC+
  • Episode 3: “People Are a Resource” July 2, 2023 on AMC and June 29, 2023 on AMC+
  • Episode 4: “Everybody Wins a Prize” July 9, 2023 on AMC and July 6, 2023 on AMC+
  • Episode 5: “Stories We Tell Ourselves” July 16, 2023 on AMC and July 13 on AMC+
  • Episode 6: “Doma Smo” July 23, 2023 on AMC and July 20 on AMC+

All times are at 9PM ET / 6PM PT.

Apart from the main stars, the series will feature Jonathan Higginbotham as Tommaso, Zeljko Ivanek as The Croat, Karina Ortiz as Amaia, Mahina Napoleon as Ginnie, and Gaius Charles, who will take on the role of Perlie Armstrong. 

Dead City Countdown

Filming commenced on July 19 in New Jersey and concluded on October 24, 2022. Various locations were utilized throughout the production, including the Meadowlands Arena, Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, Port Newark, National Newark Building, Newark Symphony Hall, Hoboken Terminal, Liberty State Park, and Shades of Death Road.

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