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Tower of Fantasy Confirms Evangelion Fantasy Collab


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Gamers and anime lovers unite! There is exciting news in the gaming realm that might be of major interest to you; Tower of Fantasy publisher Level Infinite has announced an exciting and long-awaited collaboration with a fan-favorite anime; Neon Genesis Evangelion. Let’s take a look at the details and learn when you’ll be able to get your hands on this collaboration, titled EVANGELION FANTASY.

Evangelion Fantasy Collab Will Launch March 12


As the 4th and 10th Angels breach the peace in Vera and encroach upon Mirroria, three Evangelion outsiders, commanding Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapons, unite with Vera Guardians and the Executor in a fierce battle against the invaders. However, facing power shortages, the three Evangelion units are relocated to a sealed hangar in Vera for recharge, readying themselves for the Angels’ imminent return.

The Evangelion x Tower of Fantasy collab trailer features EVA pilots Asuka Langely Soryu, Shinji Ikari, and Rei Ayanami, as well as EVA Unit-00, EVA Unit-01, and EVA Unit-02. Also seen in the trailer are Angels Sachiel and Zeruel who have descended upon the seventh district of Hykro, Mirroria, to wreak havoc and chaos. Players will join the EVA pilots in their own original Tower of Fantasy mecha and will fight alongside them to push back the encroaching Angel attack. The collaboration also allows players to use Asuka as a simulacra, potentially wielding the legendary Lance (or Spear) of Longinus.

What is Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Netflix | Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion was originally broadcast on Japanese television from October 1995 to March 1996 and quickly became one of the most celebrated and popular anime series to date. It takes place in the year 2015, fifteen years after an apocalyptic event known as the Second Impact that melted the Antarctic ice caps and caused the death of more than two billion people worldwide. It follows the story of 14-year-old Shinji Ikari as he is brought to the military headquarters of NERV in order to learn to pilot EVA Unit-01, a mecha unit specialized in destroying invading monstrosities known as Angels.

The series explores philosophy, mental trauma, and loss as Shinji and fellow pilots Rei and Asuka combat the Angels. Each of them are faced with their own inner demons and insecurities and the series is no stranger to making the viewer feel despair and discomfort. Evangelion is also steeped in religious metaphor and imagery, as it is discovered that the cause of the Second Impact was an attempt to merge human DNA with a mysterious being frozen beneath the ice of Antarctica known as Adam, resulting in its awakening.

What’s Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is set after the destruction of Earth’s environment, wherein the vestiges of humanity have escaped to planet Aida. It is an open-world, third-person action MMORPG that allows for both co-op and solo missions, unlockable simulacra, and fast-paced combat with different weapon and gameplay styles. Players can equip various simulacra to change their appearance, voice lines, and animations, as well as the simulacra’s weapons. The game launched worldwide on Android, iOS, and PC on August 11th, 2022, and on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 on August 8th, 2023. Visit their website for more details.

The much anticipated Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion collaboration launches on March 12th on PC and mobile devices, so get your mecha ready to combat the Angels and defend Mirroria! 

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