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What Time is TWD: Daryl Dixon Airing? Here’s a Countdown.

Daryl Dixon

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The moment that every Daryl enthusiast has eagerly anticipated has arrived at last! The Walking Dead is making its return with its spin-off, Daryl Dixon, and is set to premiere tomorrow on both the AMC and AMC+ networks. There seems to be a bit of uncertainty regarding the exact airing times, with some sources suggesting an earlier slot and others insisting on the usual timing. So, when can you catch TWD: Daryl Dixon? Let’s check out the schedule.

When Will TWD: Daryl Dixon Air?

AMC has officially announced the premiere date for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on AMC+, which sets it apart from other series within the franchise that have debuted this year. This fresh spinoff delves into Daryl’s journey as he finds himself stranded on the shores of France, thrust into a mission to escort a young boy named Laurent across the nation for a mysterious and prophetic mission. The show is scheduled to make its debut on September 10th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time exclusively on AMC and AMC+.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon in Paris
The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

According to Screen Rant, Daryl Dixon’s spinoff is breaking new ground by dropping on both AMC and AMC+ at the same time. Unlike Dead City, which showed up early on AMC+, so folks were kicking back on different nights to catch the series kick-off, Daryl Dixon is keeping it simple. It’s hitting the screen for everyone at the same time, just like old-school TV.

This means that this time around, and as AMC has announced, there won’t be any early screenings this time around. You’ll have multiple ways to catch the episodes of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. You can stream them on, but you’ll need a cable provider login for that. Plus, there are AMC apps for both mobile devices and other gadgets. If you’re an AMC+ subscriber, you’re in luck. You can watch the show on or the new AMC+ app, which is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung and Vizio smart TVs. AMC+ is also accessible through various providers like AppleTV, Prime Video Channels, DirectTV, Dish, Roku Channel, Sling, and Xfinity. 

AMC - The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
AMC – The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

So catch TWD: Daryl Dixon at 9PM ET/6PM PT on AMC and AMC+. Here’s a countdown to celebrate the occasion!


My countdown What Can We Expect in TWD: Daryl Dixon? 

In this brand-new spin-off from the TWD Universe, Daryl lands on the shores of France, which apparently is ground zero for the virus outbreak. He’s faced with the puzzle of figuring out why he’s there and how he got into this mess. As the series goes on, we’ll be right there with Daryl, tagging along on his adventure through a fractured, but surprisingly resilient, France as he tries to make it back home. But things get more complicated when he forms unexpected bonds with fellow travelers, adding a whole new layer to his original mission.

The series also features a cast including Clémence Poésy, Adam Nagaitis, Anne Charrier, Eriq Ebouaney, Laika Blanc-Francard, Romain Levi, and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi. And as for the show’s captain at the helm, David Zabel, who’s best known for being an executive producer of ER, takes on the role of showrunner.

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