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‘The 100’ Season 5 Trailer: See a Fan’s Photos & Analysis Here

The 100 Season 5 Trailer

After an agonizing ten month wait, The 100 Season Five trailer is finally here! 

The 100’s fourth season finale left the earth scorched after a death wave of radiation from nuclear meltdowns across the globe. Unlike the Sky People’s previous enemies (such as the grounders, Mount Weather, and ALIE), this threat was something our heroes couldn’t defeat this time around. Their only remaining option for survival was to merely ride out the storm and hope to come out alive on the other side.

The 100 Season 5 Trailer
The CW/The 100
The CW

After saying goodbye to some beloved characters that have been with the audience since the beginning (may we meet again, Jasper Jordan), The 100 Season Five begins six years after the death wave. Earth is now barren thanks to Praimfaya 2.0, save for one valley and limited resources.

The CW/The 100
The CW/The 100

The new season promises some fresh faces to shake things up; Madi, the Night Blood child that Clarke has bonded with and raised over the six year jump, and The Eligius crew (who seem to shoot first and ask questions later).

The CW/The 100
The CW/The 100

Will these new Eligius foes freshen up familiar conflicts with our heroes by flipping the script after the reset button was hit? Tune in on April 24th for The 100’s fifth season premiere on The CW to find out!

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