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The 100 Finn: Non-Bellarke fans should probably admit defeat now

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The 100 Finn

The 100 Finn!!!!! 🙁

My reactions during this episode were, as follows:




(SPOILERS up to the last episode. Beware!!!!)

Note: If you haven’t seen the latest episode, Human Trials, or just want to rewatch it, it’s available for instant streaming on Amazon here.

I already talked about Lincoln theories from Season 2 Episode 5 in my last post. So this post is going to focus on the End of Finn (catch the pun?) Or more accurately, the beginning of Bellarke.

I know a lot of people were rooting for Clarke and Finn, and I’m sorry… But after this last episode, that particular couple is absolutely impossible. There’s just no way that Clarke can stick with the morals that have guided her since the show began and ever end up with Finn. It’s over.

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This episode was just a roller coast of emotions. First the Bellarke hug (yay!) and then Finn’s descent into madness.

“I found you.”


The 100 Finn I found you


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I’m kinda surprised Clarke didn’t just shoot him right then and there. Really, no one can trust the guy now!

What went wrong with Finn? 

One theory is PTSD. In the timeline of the show, it hasn’t been very long since the Grounders were decimating his people, massacring friends on all sides of him. So it’s understandable that he’d be a tad…terrified… around them. I think the show kind of glosses over this fact sometimes. Think about how quick Clarke was to side with Anya and trust her. But really, it was less than a week ago that the Grounders were trying to kill ALL OF THEM.

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Still, it doesn’t excuse Finn’s actions. We can’t have a crazy “could snap at any second” person just hanging around. He has to be punished somehow. And seriously, if Murphy of all people is trying to talk you down, then you know you’ve gotten really, really, really bad.

I think Finn is going to go completely CRAZY and start stalking Clarke and all that crazy entails. “If I can’t have her, no one can!” Meanwhile, Raven will be thanking her lucky stars that it’s not her, because she has enough problems of her own to deal with.

By the way, ready for a crazy theory that’s probably not true, but still fun to think about? What if the Reapers don’t go all psycho from experiments, but from some weird side effect of the radiation that only effects a small percentage of the population. And what if Finn’s affected to? Slowly turning into a Reaper maybe?

So, what did you think about this episode? Is Finn redeemable? Leave a comment below! And while you’re at, consider subscribing to the blog. 🙂

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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