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I Miss The 100: Recap of The 100 Finale (TLDR: It was CRAZY!)

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Blood Must Have Blood - Art

This AMAZING artwork is by @catsandmarvel of Twitter. She is so freakin’ talented that I’ll be using her drawings, like this one, on some posts instead of photos. You should follow her on Twitter too!

Btw, spoilers up to the finale, Blood Must Have Blood Part 2.

OK, so first of all, I miss The 100 like crazy. There’s a huge void where I used to watch the show every Wednesday. 🙁 And that finale.. Oh my gosh.

Never trust a Grounder

Seriously, I’ve been screaming that at the TV this ENTIRE season. We started the season with the Grounders JUST attempting to slaughter EVERYONE. Mercilessly. No debates, no negotiations. Then all of a sudden Clarke thinks: “Hey! Let’s trust them!” I know, I know, they couldn’t storm Mount Weather without the Grounders.

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But still, she should’ve had a backup plan or something. The Grounders can NOT be trusted. Period.

Jaha’s crazy decision

So, Jaha totally sacrifice a guy on the boat so he and Murphy could live. Some people are super mad at Jaha for this, but I think the theme fits in pretty well with the rest of the show. Clarke let lots of people die so the mission of freeing people from Mount Weather could succeed. In his mind, Jaha’s mission could ultimately free EVERYONE, so sacrificing that one guy so his mission could continue was no worse.

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In fact, this entire show revolves around the need for CONSTANT sacrifice. On the Ark, people had to be shot into space so the air would last longer. On the ground, the leaders must constantly decide if one person’s death could lead to more people’s salvation. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” I don’t feel like this ruined Jaha’s character at all, any more than Clarke’s decisions ruined her. (But I still don’t feel sympathy for former Finn.)

Raven has the WORST Luck

I feel bad for Raven. There’s always one character that is just dumped on ALL the time. In BSG, that was Gaeta quite frequently. Here, it’s Raven. How have things been for her so far?

  • Her ship crashes.
  • Her boyfriend abandons her for a girl he’s known for two days.
  • Then he dies.
  • She’s almost paralyzed.
  • She gets the drill treatment.
  • She gets sliced up by the Grounders before Finn.

Did I miss anything? I just feel bad for her.

The deaths: We’re all thinking about it

All those people who died… OH MY GOSH. In order to save her people (and her mom), Clarke (and Bellamy) had to decide to kill off all the Mount Weather folks, including the people who sided with them. Now THAT is harsh. Can’t even imagine the guilt Clarke will be dealing with, considering how hard Finn’s death was on her.

Does this make her more like Lexa? Lexa was willing to betray the people who were helping her so that her own people could go free. And Clarke was willing to betray/kill the people who were helping her, so that her own people could go free.

Does this make Clarke no better than Lexa?

I see one difference, in that Lexa had a legitimate, real chance to take over Mount Weather anyway, without betraying Clarke. Clarke, meanwhile, had no chance to save her people without doing what she did.

What do you think?

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Btw, Clarke might have been able to avoid some of this. She didn’t have to *actually* kill Cage’s dad. Cage didn’t have a video feed of her. :-/

What was that at the end?

Sooooo…. Murphy’s hanging out in the same place where a dude killed himself. A dude who said he couldn’t stop her because she accessed the codes… This guy was obviously talking about the female AI. Maybe he was her creator?

That was, by the way, a HUGE reveal. We now know that an AI started the nuclear war on Earth. Maybe she thinks people are destroying the planet and they must be cleansed. Now she has one more nuke (thanks Jaha!) and wants to use it to finish the job. Yikes.

Like Murphy said: “You’re promised land sucks!” Isn’t that the truth!

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Soooo.. Everyone move to Mount Weather?

Probably a good idea, considering that it seems like this AI is either modeled after Skynet or (shudder) the Cylons of BSG. Consider this:

She has a red dress. She’s an AI. She wants to use nukes against the last of the 12 colonies. She hates humans. What does THAT sound like to you?

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Clarke’s departure

It seems kind of lame for Clarke to run away right after getting her people to safety. I mean, we saw what happened to Finn when *he* tried to find Clarke. :-/ But in this case, she told Bellamy to watch over her people, so I think we can safely assume that he won’t go after her. And ya, that kiss on the cheek. Maybe my theory that her real feelings are for Bellamy and not Lexa is wrong.

Clarke is dealing with so much guilt, it’s understandable that she NEEDS to leave. She needs to be on her own and process what’s happened. She can’t see all those people die and just go back to business as usual. I get it.

But what will happen to her next? I’m writing a fanfic with one idea. I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog so you know when it’s published. 🙂

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