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The 100 After Series Podcast: Episode 502

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Last week Heather and I talked quite a bit about The 100 Season Five premiere over at TV Source Magazine in our After Series Podcast! Our newest podcast is at the very end of this article. 

octavia the 100
Is Octavia the new big bad? (The CW)

Red Queen delivers a dark bottle episode full of tension and gore as Octavia is put to the test with everyone’s lives dependent on unity. Clan versus clan, mother versus daughter, lover versus lover. Opposing ideologies and generations of bad blood sealed in a sardine can for next foreseeable six years, what could possibly go wrong?

(The CW)

This week we’ll be giving our thoughts on Octavia’s overall arc, the Skykru coupe, Jaha’s emotional send off, the gladiator style fighting pit, theories, and more! You can hear it all in our podcast below. 

If you enjoyed our thoughts, leave a comment and check out Heather’s The 100 drinking game!

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