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The 100 4×08: Plenty To Say and Luckily I Have Nothing But Time

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I am finally back and writing recaps/reviews for The 100 just in time for them to go on a month long hiatus after 4×08. Yes. That’s right, The 100 will not be returning until April 26th, and none of us are much too pleased by this. Luckily, with so much time on our hands we have had plenty of time to theorize and speculate and even though we’re only on day one, the ideas are flying. But more on that later. Let’s get started!

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Science Island: Mount Weather Redeux

(CW/The 100)

What the hell isn’t going down over here? There’s murder, there’s people being strapped to tables, there’s blood being drawn and then injected, there’s just a lot. It didn’t take long for Clarke and the rest of the science kru to figure out that (despite a brief moment of relief and hope) their plan to inject people with NightBlood was a bust. It took even less time for Abby and Jackson to figure out what their mistake was and rectify it. But who to test it on, the big moral dilemma? They’re all so innocent (well, as innocent as one can be on a show like The 100) but are they? Are they?  Last episode Emori lied about who the rando grounder thief was so that they would test their NightBlood on someone who wasn’t her. This comes back to bite her in the ass pretty quickly as Clarke figures out that they did just murder an innocent grounder (again, as innocent as you can be on this show). And murder him quite grotesquely at that. Word to the wise, do not eat and watch this show. It will not end well.

Once they figured out Emori was a liar liar pants on fire, and that Murphy was helping her, they locked both of them in a room handcuffed to a rail. Murphy screamed at them that they didn’t have to do this, even calling out to Raven for help. While Raven did attempt to try and find another solution that would both help them and set Emori and Murphy free, it was Luna who made the difference. She told them that they were no longer allowed to take her bone marrow, she wouldn’t let them. She’s had enough of them and their “survival no matter the cost” attitude. When she attempted to leave, Roan stopped her though Luna held her own there for a moment. They then laid her on the table and began prepping to put her under so that they could extract her bone marrow. Strapping people to tables and draining them of their bone marrow? Raven said it best: “Welcome to Mount Weather.”

While this is happening downstairs, Clarke goes upstairs and has some moral dilemma angst. Roan attempts to soothe her, calling on former Commander and ex-lover to Clarke Lexa’s memory and what she saw in her that he does too.  The undertone of Lexa is very prominent and here’s hoping that by the end of the season we might be able to see what the writers/producers are looking to achieve by mentioning her so consistently throughout this particular arc. Speculation and theories abound, but again, we’ll hit on that at the end.

After a gut-wrenching and feel-inducing scene between Murphy and Clarke (and I cannot stress just how many kudos I am giving to Richard Harmon here, SLAY BOO SLAY) where he not only declares his love for Emori (!) he also spills some hurtful truths (“The great Wanheda, savior of us all. Maybe you forgot the last time you were saving us, I was saving you.”).This scene hit the nail on the head, emotionally. Murphy’s parting words to Clarke — “If she dies, you’ll die” — might just be what Clarke needed to hear, because…

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Clarke goes back out to the center of the lab where Miller has taken Emori’s unconscious body and Abby is preparing to inject her with the NightBlood. Maybe it was Murphy’s shattered scream that caused the good doctor to hesitate. Whatever the reason, Abby couldn’t do it. She leaned on Clarke to take over and after taking a good long look at the people around her and uttering, “I bare it so they don’t have to.” she injects herself. Is it because of Murphy’s threat? Is it because out of the group, she has the most blood on her hands? Is it because she just doesn’t want to be that person? There are reasons a plenty, but nonetheless, she did it. Clarke is now officially a NightBlood….again.

Not willing to let her daughter sacrifice herself, a quality that is true to who the character of Abby has always been, she destroys the radiation tank in a fit of panic. At this point, I was curious to see if Clarke was going to go take a walk in the radiation rain that they kept bringing up to see if it worked, but alas, she held her mom and offered her comfort.

Whatever The Hell We Want:

Over in Arkadia things are looking…well, they’re looking. After burning the bodies of the people they lost during the acid rain, Jasper decides a stroll in the woods to look for drug nuts is a hell of a fine idea. Bellamy takes off after him stating that he doesn’t want to have to carry back his body. Once in the woods, Jasper lays it all out for Bellamy about his guilt and his remorse. “At the end of the day, at the end of the world, nobody gives a damn about your reasons. Because they’re your reasons.” It’s what I like to call another inch in the Bellamy Blake redemption arc. Furthermore, it finally gave us an in to where Jasper’s mind is. His actions this season have been manic at best and something the general audience has had a bit of a hard time swallowing. Now that we have a bit more insight in to the way his brain is working, it’s easier to understand. Jasper and Bellamy return to Arkadia and in to a full blown party where people are dancing, Niylah is the acting bartender, and people are just letting loose and having a good time. For a few seconds, Bellamy Blake couldn’t relate but it seems that Jasper’s words about finally doing “whatever the hell we want” and meaning it  this time spoke to the former Lord of the Flies and he finally let go. When Bree (someone I have affectionately deemed Clarke Lite because SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY, THEY’RE TWINS) asked Bellamy to ~dance~ he took his shot of jobi nut tea and at last cracked a smile. Bellamy has been through a lot this season, all seasons really, so it’s nice to see him actually allow himself to have a good time for once instead of participating in another round of mental self-flagellation.

 Kermit Jaha Gets the Last Laugh 

(The CW/The 100)

Poor cult obsessed Jaha gets so much flack and honestly a lot of it is well earned. In this episode post burning the bodies of the recently deceased, Jaha overhears Niylah reciting a grounder prayer that has the season’s tagline, “From the ashes, we will rise,” as its closure. This of course gets his immediate attention and he quickly deduces that just like the grounders worship a company’s logo symbol for the Flame, their prayer stems from the cult in 4×03. That’s a nice little tie in if I do say so myself. He immediately finds Kane and tells him that they need to find the Flamekeepers because they are the key to finding the real bunker, not the decoy bunker. When Kane asks how Jaha knows this, he says a line that has stuck with me. “Because it’s what I would have done.”

Kane and Jaha rounded up Monty and (after a  more bitter than sweet good-bye between Monty and Harper—there were tears from them and from me) they set off for Polis and Indra. Let me just say, Polis really isn’t looking so hot. It is a literal warzone with Trikru and Azgeda battling it out. Indra makes her annoyance with Kane known with a bff punch to the face for aligning themselves with Azgeda instead of Trikru. “Radiation doesn’t care if you’re Trikru or Azgeda.” Trufax, Kane, trufax. After their tension-filled reunion, Indra takes them to see Gaia at the sacred temple of the commanders but not before opening fire on the Trikru guards who are protecting the tunnel. Remember when Indra was disgusted by guns? Yeah, me too.

Finally getting to Gaia and launching fully in to their spiel about why they needed her help without even introducing themselves (rude), Indra told them the history of the legend of the Flame and how Becca’s ashes were meant to be hidden somewhere in the temple. And this is where it gets intense: when they find the bunker hidden in the floor Jaha thinks that they simply need to insert the coin to be allowed access. Alas, the coin wouldn’t fit. Our heroes and the audience are disappointed once more because this is yet another solution that has turned out to be a bust….

Monty, Isn’t Deemed Worthy To Be On The List, saves the day! #The100 Share on X

Monty! Monty, Isn’t Deemed Worthy To Be On The List, Greene uses his brain and saves the day. From the ashes we will rise isn’t just a cult fanatic phrase or a grounder prayer, it’s an instruction. They throw the coin in to the extremely convenient flames in the bowl and it turned pink! The coin melted away leaving simply the emblem of the center of it, revealing it to be the true key. I thought for sure that they would insert the key, have the door open, and then have that be the end of the episode, but nope! They actually took us down the stairs and in to the bunker and we see that “salvation lies within” truly. They’re saved…for now. This is The 100, after all.

How We Did:

We dipped down to a 0.3 which is unfortunate but not surprising. Between the renewal news which has made some a lot less fanatic about watching live, March Madness, and the very poorly worded spumors (spoilers/rumors for those not in the know) that were floating around, it’s no surprise that we dipped down a bit. March Madness is finally over and maybe this month long break will be just what everyone needs for absence to make the heart grow fonder.

Theories & Speculation:

We’re just dipping our toe in to this hiatus and already the theories are flying:

  • Will Clarke insert the chip now that she is a NightBlood and become the next Commander?
  • Will the chip actually be inserted into Abby or Raven instead to save one of them from the curse of their damaged Alie brains?
  • Is Bellamy Blake going to be gravelly injured in 4×09 in the name of Octavia per Marie Avgeropoulos interview a few months back?
  • With the bunker now a viable option, will it fit everyone? And if not is there going to be a battle to the death for the right to be there?

These are just a few questions that have theories attached to them that any The 100 fan can find on twitter or tumblr.

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I will see you guys again after April 26th. In the meantime, don’t forget to continue to watch The 100 on the CW site and app, or stream it on Amazon here.

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