September 23, 2017: The World Didn’t End Today


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It’s not midnight yet as of the time I’m publishing this, so maybe this post is a little presumptuous. But despite all the predictions that the world would end today (or at the very least, we’d be thrust into a post-apocalyptic Earth), it seems that everything is going just fine. So if you were holding your breath, now may be the time to breathe a little easier. 😉

The world didn't end on September 23. No worries, there's still October. via @PostApocalypt Share on X

Explaining why people thought the world was going to end gets really complicated, really fast. Here’s just a brief recap. Some people believed the rapture or apocalypse would happen today because of the alignment of planets matching a sign written about in Revelation 12. (Read more in Fox’s story here.) Others believed the world was going to end because a mysterious Nibiru planet was going to swing into our solar system and either crash with the Earth or get close enough to disrupt everything.

Some of these predictions were started by David Meade, who said that a constellation would reveal itself today over Jerusalem, heralding the beginning of the end of the world. Some of the predictions stated that the eclipse was kicking all of this off. But if you were hoping for the end, don’t worry.

Meade is now writing that the tribulation may actually start at the end of October instead. (Here’s a good article explaining who Meade is, if you’re interested.)

Interestingly, astronomers have recently found evidence of a “Planet X” or “Planet Nine” may exist. Caltech scientists analyzed the motion of a group of small objects in the outer part of our solar system and determined that an unseen body, possibly a massive planet, is likely influencing their movements. This Planet Nine would be more massive than Earth and located deep in our solar system. But these scientists aren’t claiming Planet Nine is going to end the world. Here’s a video explaining their discovery:

However, Daniel Whitmire, a retired astrophysics professor, believes a distant planet did cause extinction level events on Earth and will do so again. (Read more about that here.) But other scientists think that Whitmire’s proposed planet is not the one that the Caltech professors found evidence of, which doesn’t quite match the orbit that Whitmire’s planet requires.

So whether you believe Nibiru will one day destroy the world or not, it looks like September 23 2017 isn’t the apocalypse.

Here are some people’s reactions on social media to discovering the apocalypse wasn’t today. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

If you were really worried about the world ending on the 23rd, you needed to look no further than the people who crossed over into the 23rd and successfully survived it before you. Two of our fellow travelers reported to Post Apocalyptic Media that all was fine as they entered September 24th:

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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