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Season Two of See is coming to Apple TV+ on August 27

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Jason Momoa joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last week to talk about his latest projects and dropped some news that fans of the post-apocalyptic genre have been waiting months to hear; season two of See is coming to Apple TV+ on Friday, August 27.

And firmly in the “But wait, there’s more!” category, Momoa also announced that the show has been renewed for a third season, with filming already underway.

See takes place centuries after a virus kills most of the human population, leaving the few survivors, and their offspring, blind. In this world, the “sighted”, those possessing the ability to see, are branded as heretics, and sought by witch hunters.

Momoa, known for his work in Game of Thrones, and as Aquaman in the DCEU films, (and of course, Baywatch Hawaii), will return as Baba Voss, leader of the Alkenny Tribe, and adopted father to twins Haniwa and Jofun, both of whom are sighted.

Season one followed the family as they tried to stay one step ahead of evil Queen Kane’s Witchfinder General, Timacti Jun, and his army. They were led on by clues left behind by Jerlamarel, Haniwa and Jofun’s biological father, who is on a self-proclaimed mission to repopulate the world with sighted children.

But of course, the apocalypse is not a place for happy endings, and Jerlamarel betrays his own children, turning Haniwa over to Commander General Edo Voss, brother and enemy of Baba.

Edo Voss is portrayed by Dave Bautista of Guardians of the Galaxy, and who we just saw in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, currently available on Netflix.

The season two trailer shows Baba on his quest to rescue Haniwa from his brother, and what could be the start of the “bossfight” (Vossfight?) between them. But is that encounter the climax of the season, or will it happen early with other conflicts to resolve later? Will Baba reconcile with his brother and end up joining in his fight against the Queen? That part we’ll have to wait to see.

And speaking of the Queen, the trailer makes it seem as if she is fully back in power. We know that there is another with a claim to the throne, so how will that power struggle play out? Could we see unlikely allies on that side of the fight against General Edo Voss?

The trailer also showed several locations that seem to be much more expansive than what we saw in season one. Other than Queen Kane’s palace at the Kanzua Dam and Jerlamarel’s base in the prison, most of the first season episodes took place in the open wilderness. In season two, it looks like we’ll see more industrial areas with larger groups, and the city where Edo Voss is holding Haniwa, and the sets look amazing.

Filming for season two wrapped in March 2021, with the show set to air roughly five months later. If they’re already working on the third season now, hopefully that means those episodes will be ready to drop in early 2022, which would be a lot better than the year and a half we had to wait between seasons one and two.

But now we know that the wait for season two is almost over. So what part of season two are you most looking forward to? Are you hoping for a Voss vs Voss battle, or are you more excited about the conflict with Queen Kane? Whatever the case may be, drop by the Post Apocalyptic Media Discord to let us know what you think.

Check out the season two trailer below, and then check back here often, because we’ll definitely pass on more news as we get it.

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