10 Post Apocalyptic Short Films You Should Watch While on Your Break

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Are you ready to take a break and watch 10 post apocalyptic short films? Let’s face it – the holidays sometimes get boring! Sure, it’s fun to be on vacation, but sometimes you just run out of things to do. So we’re here to help! We’ve put together a compilation of post-apocalyptic short films that you’ll want to spend some time watching over your holiday/Christmas break:

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Super Zero

We’ve posted about this before, but this short film is PHENOMENAL. It’s a unique take on a zombie apocalypse featuring a geeky guy who’s facing a terminal illness. The dialogue is sharp and witty and the film draws you in right away. It’s only about 15 minutes long, so you should definitely take the time to check it out and then tell all your friends!

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PLUG takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the only human survivor was raised by robots. The 15-minute film is an introduction to a proposed series by David Levy (who’s worked on film greats like Tron Legacy, Prometheus and Ender’s Game.)

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New Timers

New Timers is a three-part post-apocalyptic web series by Comedy Central.

Halo 2 Remastered Cut Scenes

In November, Halo re-released all the cut scenes from Halo 2, digitally remastered, for its anniversary. These are in HD 1080p at 60 fps and are absolutely STUNNING. The entire film is 50 minutes long.

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SEED, A Short Film

This 13-minute film takes place in 2071, where a colonization trip to a new planet threatens to kill all life on Earth.

Bruce Springsteen’s Post-Apocalyptic Short Film AND Music Video

In July (yes, that recently), Bruce Springsteen made his own post-apocalyptic short film, which morphs into a music video about halfway through.

Nuka Break

Nuka Break is the short film that started an original web series based in the Fallout world. This video was first released in 2011. The second season was released in October 2013, with the help of Kickstarter funding.


Ruin is an eight-minute animated post-apocalyptic film. Originally released in 2012, this animated film was so popular that it got picked up by 20th Century Fox and is being made into a feature length movie.


This animated post-apocalyptic film, first released in 2011, depicts a cyborg created by man to restore the Earth’s ecosystem. Here’s the deal – the animation is superb on this one, but the story falls short. You’ll still enjoy watching it, though!


Alone gives you a look at what the last man living on Earth does to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.


Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the selections! If I missed a short film that you think should be included, please comment about that too. I’ll edit the post and add your recommendation. 🙂

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