NYC Sends Emergency Alert Asking for Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Every day feels like we’re living in pre-apocalyptic times, but city governments are doing everything they can to help steer us through a worldwide pandemic. This includes asking for more help when it’s needed. In New York City, which is being hit particularly hard by the coronavirus outbreak right now, residents received an emergency alert on Friday asking for more doctors. New York isn’t the first city to send out that type of alert.

Cities are sending out emergency alerts asking for healthcare workers. Share on X

The emergency alert was sent out to NYC residents no the evening of Friday, April 3. It read: “Emergency Alert. Attention all healthcare workers: New York City is seeking licensed healthcare workers to support healthcare facilities in need. Visit to volunteer.”

Copy of emergency alert

The alert is certainly an efficient way to find people to help, which is needed more than anything else right now. For some, seeing the alert caused a bit of unease.

Here is what some people said about it on Twitter.

Some said it sounded like an Amber Alert.

As some pointed out, this was a smart alert to send out and might help them get much-needed help.

When someone shared on Reddit about the alert, others chimed in and said they had seen similar alerts in their cities. Redditor buffalo-san said they got a similar alert in Illinois.

Here’s another from Illinois:

Another got an emergency alert in Missouri asking for the same. Some people said the alert in Missouri was about helping in Illinois.

Still others are getting emergency alerts about staying inside, such as in Toronto. One in Toronto reads: “Emergency Alert. Stop the spread. COVID19 can be deadly. The time to act is NOW. Everyone but essential workers need to stay home. Only go out if absolutely necessary to pick up groceries, prescriptions or go to a medical appointment. Ignoring self-isolation or physical distancing advice can have devastating effects and endanger lives. Protect yourself and others. Stay home.”

Healthcare workers are needing all the help they can get. You can help by committing to social distancing right now and by staying home unless you need to get essential supplies. Everything anyone can do to help slow the virus’s spread can help.

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