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My *No Spoilers* Take on the Game of Thrones Episode Leak

The latest episode of Game of Thrones (7X4: The Spoils of War) leaked a few days early. This article is to tell you about it without exposing you to any spoilers. Let’s begin.

I maybe watched it.

But, you know, it’s your word vs. mine so… What are you, a cop?

The Quality of Release

So-so. It’s not HD or anything close. It had a big old watermark and an even bigger runtime mark. So there’s that.

Where to Get It

You can get it on another website that I will not directly link to. But it rhymes with Wickass Worrents.

Should I watch it before it airs tomorrow?

No. I emphatically discourage you from watching it. Wait a day and you absolutely will not be disappointed. It’s an amazing episode with lots of beautiful shots. You will want to see this in HD and without the watermark distractions.

I repeat, watch this one in HD when it airs Sunday night at 8PM Central.

Derek Dwilson started Post Apocalyptic Media with his wife Stephanie. He is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas. Derek currently builds memorial websites at Will Always Be Remembered and writes about prepping and Post Apocalyptic shows whenever he gets excited about something.

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