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Is Madison the Real Villain on Fear the Walking Dead?

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We all have seen Madison make some questionable decisions on Fear the Walking Dead and have some ethically debatable moments. But has she turned into the villain of the show? Some fans think that, in some ways, she’s a lot like Shane from The Walking Dead. What do you think?

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This article has spoilers through Season 3 Episode 14. 

Remember last week that Alicia said Jake is the last good man that she knows. Maybe she was speaking specifically about men. But it’s also possible she was thinking about “people” in general. If that’s the case, her later decisions make more sense. In Episode 14, she could no longer stand to travel with her mom and decided it was better to strike out on her own. She even told the new person she met tonight that her choices were to either survive alone or to die. Going back to her mom wasn’t an option.

Meanwhile, Nick seems to get worse every time he’s slightly under his mom’s thumb these days. He took off on his own and became quite self sufficient, learning to hide among the zombies by wearing zombie blood and, eventually, found the town in Mexico where he met Luciana. He ended up gaining the entire town’s trust and attempted to lead them to safety.

Even on the ranch, he mostly lived on his own, not under his mom’s watchful eye. Oh, he messed up big time, such as when he decided to try to save Troy instead of Jake and ended up continuing to attract an entire zombie horde. But the moment he gets back under his mom’s thumb (after they flee the ranch), he starts to crater. He takes pills again. And he screams to Troy while high, “I can’t go back.”

It seems like Madison’s arrival leads to the death of almost every leader she comes across. The woman running the hotel — Madison turned on the hotel’s neon sign to attract Nick and that decision led to the hotel’s destruction, ultimately. The ranch was already going downhill, but her decision to end the truce and save Alicia helped it along the way. She even sided with psychopath Troy, and her decisions seemed to pave the way for Nick to develop a weird relationship with Troy too (and for Jake to die.)

Alicia may have left because she realized that under Madison’s leadership, everything keeps getting destroyed. Nick seemed to make that decision on the previous farm (where Strand’s boyfriend lived), when he struck out on his own after Daniel set everything on fire. Now Madison is coming right back to Daniel, who created so much turmoil and was very unstable mentally.

Is Madison the villain? Or just a victim of a series of poor choices? Or is she making good choices, but the world around her is just tearing everything down that she tries to build? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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