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Hunted Season 2: When Does It Return? Is It Renewed?

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We don’t have official word yet on whether or not CBS’ new reality show Hunted is renewed, but it’s looking pretty good. Hunted opened up to stellar ratings, and although the ratings dropped a bit after that, the numbers still seem strong enough to warrant a renewal. Here’s why we’re optimistic.

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UPDATE: As of November 27, 2017, Hunted is STILL not renewed but it is not canceled yet either. We talked to Paul Rossi, one of the hunters on Season 1, and he told us via Twitter that the show is still in limbo:


No, Hunted has not yet been officially renewed yet by CBS, even though tonight is the season finale. However, reality shows tend to be cheap to produce, which is why broadcasters are less likely to cancel them compared to other shows. The show started out with an amazing 11.846 million viewers for its premiere. Since then, it’s dropped a little bit (from 5.4 million to 5.071 million for the last episode.) Although it lost more than half of its viewers, the numbers still may be strong enough to keep the low-cost reality show around.

As of Week 23, for CBS, Hunted was bringing in more views than Pure Genius (which was cancelled), Training Day, Doubt, and Ransom. So we’re holding out hope. At Post Apocalyptic Media, we love Hunted because it gives us a glimpse into evading authorities in a pre- and post-apocalyptic world. Sure, Hunted is a present-day show, but the techniques are translatable. That’s why we’re covering it.

Another good sign for Hunted’s return? They’re already accepting applications for a new season. You can apply to join Hunted here. And it seems like they’re getting a great response. Just go to YouTube and search for Hunted CBS Audition and you’ll see a ton of videos come up.

So although we don’t know Hunted’s return date, we’re pretty confident it will come back for Season 2. At least, we sure hope it does! (To catch up on Hunted, check out our story here about all the surveillance techniques that worked.)

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