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Game of Thrones Grief Support: What To Do After Your Favorite Character Dies

GoT Grief Support

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Has your favorite character died on Game of Thrones? It was bound to happen since this is the final season, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I still remember how heartbroken I was when Viserion died in Season 7 or when any of the direwolves were killed. I remember how I felt when I thought Jon Snow died. And after the Episode 4 deaths in the final season, I’m heartbroken all over again. 🙁 What’s a fan to do?

Did your favorite character die on Game of Thrones? Here are ideas for grieving fans. Share on X

If you’re still curled up in the fetal position and can’t get the scene of a character’s death out of your head, here are some ideas.

1. Post about your grief. Put a spoiler-free post about your grief on Twitter or Facebook. Sure, it’s vaguebooking because you can’t name the character (and really, don’t be a jerk and name the character who died.) But it can still help if you vent a little.

2. Blog about your character’s demise with a spoiler warning. It can help to write out your feelings. If you have a blog, put up a post in tribute to the character. Don’t put a spoiler in the headline, but you can write freely in your blog itself if you give a spoiler warning first.

3. Play Tetris or another video game. This sounds weird, but some studies have shown that Tetris, in particular, distracts the brain enough that it can stop the brain from forming traumatic memories of something awful that it saw. So try playing some Tetris after the episode.

4. Join a discussion forum. Misery loves company, but so does grief. It can help to find others who feel the same way that you do. Since you won’t find a support group for a grieving Game of Thrones fan, a discussion forum is the next best thing. Try joining a Game of Thrones Facebook group or Reddit’s r/gameofthrones subreddit.

5. Write fanfic. Why not? Hey, that Shades of Grey series actually started out as fanfiction for Twilight, so fanfic can actually develop into something meaningful (or at the very least, profitable.) If you’re really mourning, write your own fanfic where you end Game of Thrones the way you want and things turn out differently. Why not?

6. Have a memorial party. Surely you have lots of friends who love Game of Thrones too. Have a memorial party honoring the now-departed character, or turn your next watch party into a quasi-memorial. Put together a posterboard or some other type of decoration dedicated to your favorite character and share it with your friends at your next watch party. Have a toast to the character’s memory and then sit around and talk about your favorite moments with the character.

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