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Fear the Walking Dead Fans Think Madison Is Coming Back Soon

Is Madison returning to FTWD? (AMC)

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Fear the Walking Dead viewers think they’ve spotted some big clues hinting that Madison is coming back, possibly as soon as Season 6 Episode 14 on May 23. But not everyone agrees. Here’s a look at why they think it’s going to happen.

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They See Clues in the Episode Title, Description, & Trailer for Season 6 Episode 14

Fans think they are seeing some pretty major clues in the episode title and trailer for Season 6 Episode 14. The episode premieres on May 23, 2021 (although it airs a couple of days earlier than that for AMC Plus viewers.)

The episode is titled “Mother.” The synopsis reads: “While held prisoner by Teddy, Alicia reunites with old friends and must confront her past.”

The trailer is also fueling theories.

At one point during the trailer, Alicia seems really surprised by whoever she sees, asking “Is that you?!”

Some fans think this is her seeing Madison for the first time.

Personally, I’m doubting it, simply because of her expression. If she saw that her mother was alive, I think she’d be more overwhelmed, perhaps even crying, rather than so calmly surprised about whoever she’s seeing. Other fans disagree with me, but that’s my personal opinion from the trailer.

Of course, the episode title “Mother” is enough to spark theories about Madison coming back. Teddy certainly talked about Alicia’s mom in Episode 12. And when Alicia set fire to the compound so her friends could escape, that was a clear callback to what her mom did.

On Reddit, plenty of people don’t believe she’s coming back in this episode. They think that AMC is making it too obvious with the title, so it definitely won’t be happening.


And some fans think they’re being trolled, and they don’t like it.

Some fans think this will be about Teddy’s mother or something to do with his background, and not Alicia’s past at all.

If it’s not Madison, though, who could the synopsis be referring to when it says Alicia will reunite with old friends? Some fans have speculated that it might be Jack from Season 2, Taqa from the Black Hat reservation, or Diana from Season 3, whom we haven’t seen since she was in a medical ward, or even Chris (if what they were told about him dying wasn’t true.) I’d even guess that Alicia will be given something that makes her hallucinate about people from her past, if it hadn’t been for Grace’s episode and Daniel’s episode.

Ever since Madison died off-screen in Season 4, there have been theories that she was still alive. At one point, fans even thought she was the one who saved Morgan (although that was later revealed to not be the case.) Then people thought she was behind the “end is the beginning” drawings, which also turned out to not be the case.

Still, we can’t get away from the fact that she died off screen, which leaves plenty of room for her to come back alive at some point in the show’s future. But if it happens, will it be this season?

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