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When Will The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 3 Premiere?

Akari Tokito

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The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Shokei Shōjo no Bājin Rōdo in Japanese) is an anime based on a yuri light novel series, written by Mato Sato and illustrated by Nilitsu. The series was so loved by readers that it was adapted as an anime television series by J.C. Staff. Two episodes have already been released, leaving the untitled episode 3 to air soon. Which begs the question: When will The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 3 premiere? Here are all the details on what time you can expect to see the latest episode. 

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When Will The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 3 Premiere?

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 3 will premiere this Friday, April 15 at 11:30 AM Eastern/8:30AM Pacific  on HIDIVE. The anime premiered March 31st and so far has a rating of 7.01 on If this is the first time you’ve heard about this anime, don’t sweat it! It’s mine as well. Here is the manga’s synopsis as per Animenewsnetwork should you be curious to learn more about the origin of show: 

“The Lost Ones are wanderers who come here from a distant world known as ‘Japan.’ No one knows how or why they leave their homes. The only thing that is certain is that they bring disaster and calamity. The duty of exterminating them without remorse falls to Menou, a young Executioner. When she meets Akari, it seems like just another job until she discovers it’s impossible to kill her. And when Menou begins to search for a way to defeat this immortality, Akari is more than happy to tag along.”

The Executioner and Her Way of Life

The story itself isn’t post-apocalyptic, but rather speaks about characters trying to prevent the apocalypse from happening. So who knows! Perhaps in the future there will be an end of times in the anime and the series will switch to post-apoc? I haven’t read the manga either, so this is purely hypothetical. 

As for the anime itself, user Serafos on’s forums commented “A very promising start. This is probably going to be one of my favorite shows of the season.” So there is a lot of promise for the series. What about you? Do you think this is going to be a hit or a miss? Let us know in the comments!

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