Endgame: The 12 Bloodlines and Their Social Media Accounts

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ThisEndgame: The Calling blog is a quick reference on the 12 bloodlines, for anyone who’s following Endgame: The Calling’s contest/immersive journey. If you’re not taking part in the hunt for $500,000 in gold coins, then you definitely should. Like, right now. Seriously – DO NOT DELAY. In fact, here’s a link. Just buy the book to get started!

OK, with that out of the way, let’s start take a look at these 12 bloodlines that serve as the centerpiece for the entire book/game. The downlow is that, in the book, aliens picked 12 bloodlines to represent humanity in a global survival game. Each bloodline keeps a player at ready in case the games begin. Now, it’s finally started. A representative from each of the ancient bloodlines uses his special training in a contest to find three keys. Whoever finds the keys first, wins. And winning means the bloodline gets to live. The stakes are HIGH in this first book.

Here are the bloodlines, for a quick reference, with their associated Google+ pages and Twitter accounts. Interesting note — these “characters” are made very realistically, talking about modern day topics like 4chan and mundane things like getting coffee or going to the gym. Last posts are all around mid-September to Oct. 1. They did a good job making these folks realistic!

(Note: has more detailed information on each of these tribes/bloodlines.)

Endgame: The 12 Bloodlines – A Quick Review

  • Aisling Kopp of the Celts – A group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and had a similar culture. Aisling is from New York City.  Posts Onion articles & random topics about the weather, etc. Talks about camping & other adventures. – Google+, Twitter
  • Alice Ulapala of the Koori – Indigenous Australians that traditionally occupied modern-day New South Wales and Victoria. Alice lives in Coffin Bay. Talks about hunting and training and current Australian politics. – Google+, Twitter
  • An Liu of the Shang – The Shang dynasty ruled in the Yellow River valley in the second millennium BC.  An lives in China. Talks about the Hong Kong protests and Silk Road. – Google+, Twitter
  • Baitsakhan of the Donghu – Donghu means”Eastern Foreigners.” It was the name of a Mongolic nomadic tribe destroyed in 150 BCE. – Google+, Twitter Note: This character posts a lot about training and how his line would conquer others. He seems to be one of the more serious characters of the 12.
  • Chiyoko Takeda of the Mu – The Japanese and Korean term Mu meaning “not have; without” is a key word in Buddhism. Chiyoko lives in Japan. This one talks mostly about training too. – Google+, Twitter
  • Hilal Ibn Isa Al-Salt of the Aksumites – The Aksumites were a trading nation in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea, from 100–940 AD. Hilal does not list a location on Google+, and Twitter just says “wanderer.” Talks a lot about spirituality and prayer. – Google+, Twitter
  • Jago Tlaloc of the Olmecs – The first major civilization in Mexico, 1500 BCE to about 400 BCE. Jago is from Peru. Talks a lot about his dad, the World Cup and texting. – Google+, Twitter
  • Kala Mozami of the Sumerians – Sumer was an ancient civilization in modern-day Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. Kala is from Al Ain, UAE. Is a fan of Justin Timberlake. 😀 – Google+, Twitter
  • Maccabee Adlai of the Nabataean – The Nabataeans were a Semitic people in Levant from CE 37 – c. 100. Maccabee is from Switzerland. Talks about the importance of owning a gun. Is a foodie. – Google+, Twitter
  • Marcus Loxias Megalos of the Minoans – A Bronze Age civilization from Crete, from the 27th century BC to the 15th. Marcus only lists his location, Istanbul, on Twitter. Talks a TON about soccer (football) on his social media accounts.  – Google+, Twitter
  • Shari Chopra of the Harrapan – Harappa is an archaeological site in eastern Pakistan. The city had as many as 23,500 residents and occupied over 250 acres from 2600–1900 BC. – Shari is from India. She’s a mother, married, and talks about politics on social media.  Google+, Twitter
  • Sarah Alopay of the Cahokian – Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is on an ancient Native American city (c. 600–1400 CE) across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Sarah is from Omaha, Nebraska. Posts a lot about Chris, TV shows, regular stuff. Big fan of Doctor Who,  – Google+, Twitter
  • Christopher Vanderkaamp – He’s from Nebraska. Doesn’t seem to be part of a bloodline, but he’s dating Sarah. – Google+, Twitter

(Editor’s Note and Update: Now that the original game for Endgame is over, some of these sites, including the entire ancientsocieties website, are down. Never fear — if something is down, we will replace it with a cached version if one exists!)

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