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Dead by Daylight Dev Announces Base Builder ‘Meet Your Maker’ and Post-Apoc Dating Sim

Meet Your Maker

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Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive held its very first game showcase event today called Behaviour Beyond. During the stream, the Canadian company made several announcements, and many of them fall into the post-apocalyptic wheelhouse.

Meet Your Maker

First off, we have the announcement of the brand new base-builder, Meet Your Maker. This game plays off of other popular multiplayer base-builders and expands it into a more gritty post-apocalyptic world where even underground bases are possible. Each player builds a base to be explored by other players with the goal of finding hidden genetic material inside.

While you do fight enemies and face obstacles like traps and guns inside each base (according to what other players build), this is not a direct PvP game, making it an interesting mix of PvE and player-created content.

Meet Your Maker is expected to release on December 30, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Resident Evil Content for Dead by Daylight

Another big announcement during this event was the new Resident Evil update that will be coming to Dead by Daylight. This will be the second Resident Evil-themed content update for Dead by Daylight and will add a few new characters, including Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and the star of the new Resident Evil Netflix show, Albert Wesker.

Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

And of course, I’m saving the best for last. Behaviour also announced a dating sim that will incorporate characters from Dead by Daylight. Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim let’s you play as you would any ordinary dating sim, but you’ll be playing as either The Huntress, The Trapper, The Wrath, or The Spirit. These character relationships grow on Murderer’s Island where every dialogue choice matters and multiple endings are possible.

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