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Daryl & Dog on The Walking Dead: Here’s to the Best TWD Couple Ever

Daryl and Dog

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Tonight, on The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7, I met my new favorite character in the world: Dog. Yes, in true Daryl-being-Daryl fashion, he named his beloved pet dog “Dog.” And Daryl and Dog are pretty much the most adorable duo I’ve ever seen in a post-apocalyptic world. A lot of people feel the same, because their tweeting about the dog and creating memes. 🙂  (Spoilers below, through tonight’s episode.) 

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First, I have to ask: was anyone as terrified as I was when Dog was caught by those ropes and the walkers were closing in? I knew Daryl would be OK. There’s no way they’d get rid of Rick and then get rid of Daryl two episodes later. But I was really worried about Dog. I mean, if Shiva was killed, any living creature is in danger. 🙁

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Thankfully, Dog was saved – and Daryl too, with some help from Henry. In case you were wondering, no Carol did NOT tie up Dog, and neither did Daryl.

No, Carol did NOT tie up Dog, and Daryl didn't either. He got caught in a trap. #TheWalkingDead Share on X

Dog wandered into one of Daryl’s traps that were intended to stop the walkers from wandering into his trap. Daryl has become positively soft when it comes to animal creatures, and I’m expecting him to morph into a post-apocalyptic Disney Prince any day now. That’s a GOOD thing.

Here are my favorite memes and reactions to the Daryl-and-Dog-Forever Duo. 🙂

And yes, some of us are scared too…

But it’s going to all be fine folks!

So yeah, Dog and Daryl are my favorites. Forever. (I mean, Carol will always be my favorite favorite, as evidenced by the fact that I created a Fallout 76 character who essentially IS Carol. But Daryl and Dog are now my faves too.)

Some fans are pointing out that TWD universe has been pretty darn lacking when it comes to dogs, and I believe they are right.

This scene at the end, well, I absolutely LOVED it. I loved to see that Daryl and Dog have their communication down since they’ve been together for so long, and Dog takes off ahead of Daryl when he’s riding his motorcycle.

But this interpretation is funny:

I’m guessing that Daryl found Dog as a puppy and raised him. 🙂

Do you like Daryl and Dog as much as I do? Let us know in the comments below.

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