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Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Full Ending Song & English Lyrics

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Ending Song (MAPPA)

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Chainsaw Man Episode 9 features another exquisite ending song. Here’s a look at the ending song for Episode 9, including a video of the newest song, along with what’s currently known about the English lyrics.

Here’s the Video for the Ending Song by Aimer

Chainsaw Man Episode 9’s ending song is by Aimer. Here’s the official video as shared by MAPPA. The video is 1:30 in length.

The rough Google-translated title for this song is “Deep Down.” 

Here’s a link to where you can play the song on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, and more.

Aimer is releasing a video on December 13 at 7 a.m. Central that will include the full version of the song along with an official music video. That video will be shared in the embedded video below, which is set to go live on December 13. 

In Aimer’s YouTube description, she notes about the song (via a rough English translation): “Not for the chainsaw man, but for her. A song dedicated to the ladies.” 

Here’s a teaser for the big reveal: 

The song will then go on sale on December 14. 

English Lyrics to Episode 9’s Ending Song

Unfortunately, an official video with English lyrics has not yet been released. 

However, one YouTube channel has attempted a Spanish translation of the song. If you know Spanish, you can watch those lyrics in the video below. 

Lyrics K Pop has provided one version of an English translation here, and we’ve provided alternative translations based on the Spanish lyrics in parenthesis next to it, so you can compare the two in the lyrics below: 

The scream of life ceases into darkness (The cry of life went into the dark) 

When it melts, the words scatter (When it melts, it spreads its words) 

So that I can fall asleep into a deep, deep slumber (In a deep, deep dream I am sleeping) 

Close the eyes with the red fingers (Close my eyes with my red fingers) 

Like a commandment that drowns in blood like fear (Like a commandment drowned in blood, like the fear) 

Engrave the pain like rain falling on the wound (The rain is falling over my wound and records your/its pain) 

Without noticing the destination in the wandering crowd (Without knowing where, fate wandered within the crowd/multitude)

One more missing (we just need one more/only lack one more)

I don’t understand, I want to understand, the tears I throw away again without picking them up (I don’t understand, I want to understand it, I shed again all the tears I collected) 

I can’t reach, I can’t hear, my clinging voice wakes me up (I can’t reach it, I don’t hear it, I cling to my voice to wake up)

The shadow that lives in the gap where lost things are forgotten (I forgot what I lost, while I see a shadow that lives in this crack) 

How long have you been there laughing? (How long was he/she/you laughing at me?) 

I feel you deep deep deep deep down (I feel you deep inside) 

(Note: There are more lyrics Lyrics K Pop’s site, this was the only part that also had translations elsewhere too.) 

Here’s What Aimer Said About the Song


On the official Chainsaw Man webpage, Aimer said about the ending song (according to a Google translate version): “I created Deep Down as one of the ending theme songs for the TV anime Chainsaw Man. It’s a song that I created while expanding the inspiration I received from the work, focusing on the episodes I was in charge of, and layering my own thoughts. I would be happy if this song leaves something in the hearts of everyone who loves the work.”

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