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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Trailer: Looking Ahead to Episode 85

Attack on Titan Episode 85

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Attack on Titan‘s newest episode just released, and fans are already counting the days until Season 4 Episode 26 (Episode 85) releases. Here are all the details we have so far on “Traitor,” including the preview trailer.

This Attack on Titan article will have spoilers for the newest episode, but the article is manga-spoiler-free. Check out our review and analysis of this week’s episode, “Night of the End,” here.

The Trailer Is Intense

Here’s the trailer for Episode 85, along with the English subtitles.

The preview trailer tells us: “To save the world, they must stop Eren. Though determined to do so, old allies stand in their way. Next episode, ‘Traitor.'”

The “old allies” mentioned in the synopsis likely refer to the Jaegerists, led by Floch. I can’t see anyone else they would be referring to. However, the title “Traitor” may hint that someone working with our “save the world” crew might be turning on them too. But who could that be? We already saw Jean struggling with his decision and ultimately committing to this cause, so it seems unlikely to be him. And Connie seems unlikely since he just said in a previous episode that he wanted to be someone his family could be proud of. Obviously Onyankopon wants to stop Eren to save his homeland.

Magath, Pieck, Gabi, Falco, Annie (because of her dad), and Reiner are all on board with stopping Eren. The only person who might change tune is Annie if she found out her dad was dead and decided she didn’t care if the whole world burned at that point. Or Magath simply because he doesn’t trust any of them.

Levi is obviously not going to change his mind.

That seems to just leave us with Hange, Armin, Mikasa, and Yelena. The only one who would make sense is Yelena, seeing as she might be concerned that killing Eren would also lead to Zeke dying, and she would do anything to save him. I could also be assuming to much based on the title, and the only “traitor” we’re talking about is Floch.

Episode 85 Details & Photos

The official Attack on Titan website has not yet shared a synopsis and feature photo for the new episode yet. When they do, it will be posted here.

Here are some photos from the trailer that might shed some light on what to expect next week.

We start out by seeing someone rappelling into a window to stop the Jaegerists.


It’s Mikasa, and she’s on a mission. Nothing’s going to stop her.


It’s not clear who she is attacking, since they’re pretty blurry.


In another scene, we see someone with a binocular, but no other clues. Floch perhaps?


A view of the Azumabito’s flying machine, which is powered by iceburst stone. It’s still covered with a tarp. This might mean the Jaegerists reached the port pretty quickly and perhaps were already stationed there waiting for the Rumbling to begin.


We see a brief moment with Onyankopon.


We see Annie speaking to the entire group. Is she somehow coordinating part of the attack?


Armin and Connie are at the port, heading toward the flying ship.


These two characters stop them. I have no idea who they are. Do you?


I’m guessing Armin and Connie are going to serve as a kind of diversion, although I could be wrong.


And that’s the extent of what’s been revealed about next week’s episode so far. But it looks really good.

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