Three Days To Eden (Sierra Hotel Tango Foxtrot) Book 1



Darrell Donnelly and his daughter Laykin embark on their yearly hiking trip to a scenic and remote part of the Ocala National Forest. What started as a long weekend turned into a fight for survival as the hikers attempt to return home in the face of civil unrest and lawlessness, the aftermath of a coordinated attack on the power grid and most electronic devices.

During the journey, Darrell faces a struggle to get his daughter home safely, yet hold firm to the values he holds so dear. Will he have to become what he hates the most?

What will a father do to make sure his family is safe? What physical and mental boundaries must he cross?

Three Days to Eden is a post-apocalyptic thriller about a father’s love in the face of overwhelming odds and a young lady’s ability to do extraordinary things when her back is against the wall.

Peter Robertucci lives on the east coast of Florida. An active first responder who dedicated his life to serving his community as a firefighter paramedic and as a lead firearms instructor at Israeli Tactical School – Daytona, where he teaches active shooter mitigation and counter-terrorism. He attended Daytona State College, where he studied emergency management and emergency medicine.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, hiking, and on occasion, putting pen to paper.


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