The Judas Syndrome



In a world devastated by an apocalyptic event, the bonds of friendship are tested in the haze of unrelenting depression, and paranoia. Will you know who your friends are? REBIRTH – A year into a post-apocalyptic existence, where friendships disintegrate and new enemies emerge; talk of destiny fulfilled through a child offers salvation. Could you believe? REVELATION – The dystopian landscape of The Judas Syndrome finds hope in the second generation born into the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Armageddon approaches, will you be ready?

Included are all three books of this epic coming of age tale, told at the end of an age. Trigger warning: suicide, depression, graphic violence, Christianity, guns, copious drug use, alcoholism, addiction, cruelty, heartbreak, isolation, desolation, amputation, sexual content, rape, childbirth, life and death decisions, scavenging, hoarding, cold-blooded murder, and the end of the world as we know it.


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