Richard P. Stone



Survivors of the Mutant Dawn

On April 29th, 2154, the world changed forever. Mutants decided to rid the world of humanity by destroying the very landscape of civilization.

Secretary of State, Burt Isabela, knew this day would come. He planned with this brilliant brother, Dr. Michael Isabela, to build an underground facility to withstand the onslaught of countless laser nuke razes on the surface.

Once the word got out of the impending global disaster, Burt sprang his plan to survive. With the help from a witty South African spy, they escaped with the 70th President of the United States.

They arrived at the facility, called Lifeboat, there were more questions than answers. An ancient briefcase from the CIA revealed that a surge of the mutant race may have been caused by the arrival of extraterrestrial DNA from an alien crash during the Ice Age.

The plan was simple. Return to Earth’s surface within 20-25 years when the radioactive fallout material has subsided. But calculations from unpredicted variables made that time to wait longer than a lifetime. About 900 years longer. To make matters worse, a power struggle for control of the underground super bunker ensued and cost lives and trust.

Once the battle was over, a hard decision had to be made to survive until then. In order to stay alive to see the surface, a steep price had to be paid to succeed.

The future they woke up to was one where history was lost and centuries of the alien DNA transmission changed most all forms of life.

Mutated Lands

It’s been nine centuries since civilization was destroyed by the mutants exploding every nuclear arsenal at their disposal. The land and life changed drastically as an alien DNA, that started the mutant revolution, ran rampart over all those years. History was forgotten and new life grew from the ruins. Eventually, humans and mutant kind learn to work together to survive the sometimes-hostile lands.

But there were survivors of the mutant dawn, and they figured out how to survive underground by placing their brains in robotic bodies. They slept for all those centuries and returned to the surface to regain control in the name of humans. They would hit innocent villages and kill all the mutants while taking all the humans underground. Their fate was unknown.

The one survivor was a former South African spy named Marty. He had helped the former Secretary of State Burt Isabela escape the destruction and get to an underground super bunker. He was the prototype to have his brain placed in a robotic body and helped the secretary survive a coup by the military to take over the bunker. But trust and fate were not on his side as he had his arms and legs cut off and placed in a hut on the surface. His prison was his body.

But as fate would have it, many miles away, a mixed group of humans and mutants were going to investigate the rumors of raiders destroying villages in the realm of Slimnorah, formerly known as Minnesota. This group was made of an interesting bunch of characters.

A reptilian mutant with secret ambition; a rumored legendary mutant with a mysterious past; a young woman with no memory and a floating neutron bomb to keep her heart beating; an insane human scientist who thinks his wife is the device he carries on his back; a wolf man of great strength; a human thief with secrets; and a mutant assassin there to kill someone in the group; two air breathing fish mutants and a plant man to name a few.

They encounter strange wildlife as well people and mutants with agendas that help and hinder their progress to Slimnorah. The challenges along the way come from both outside the group as well as inside of it. Trust is earned and respect is warranted to survive the challenges along the way.


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