Post Age: Search for the City Mind



Post Age is your wacky wasteland.

A hundred years after the mysterious collapse of the old world, Detroit lives on. Fractured and transformed, the city’s terrain varies from urban forests to desolate wastes—all with settlements sprinkled in between. Whether by dusty loner towns, mechanized skyscrapers or even knightly orders, Detroiters found many ways to survive the Post Age but none expect the deathly days ahead.

Follow factional characters such as Samson, Renee, Taylor, Isa and Leon as they uncover an abominable force lurking in the Inner City Forests. With luck, our lengthy cast will undo the effects of an ancient war—saving Detroit once more from devastating demise.

A Mech Mason of the downtown, Renee seeks the Director’s life changing approval—but at what cost?

Riding across the wastes, Taylor steers her cattle-like mech along the Northern Routes for modest pay. Taking evermore dangerous runs, Taylor faces a demon if there ever was one.

Samson is the prince of the Dominion. With an unnatural sickness plaguing his clan, he and two other warriors must trek across the city and acquire someone the old world calls, a biologist.

Isa and Lawrence serve the Church of Whale dutifully. Their latest quest for medicine shakes Detroit to the core.

Salvaging by day, drinking by night, Gabriel’s life was one of a regular waster. Yet a single decision sets him on an unfounded path throughout the wasteland.

A bounded prisoner, Leon neither knows his captors nor how he ended up in his concrete cell. Whoever they are and whatever he is, Leon must escape.

Take your first steps into the world of Post Age and read what 2158 has to offer. Part of an on-going series, the Search for the City Mind is the start of the wastes’ grandest story!


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