Gamble isometric tactic wave shooter for 2-10 players with an online ranking system.
Get the best rating for your team by creating the best defense strategy against endless waves of monsters, and make the sector clear! OverClear!

In the year 2247, Humanity slowly plunged itself into chaos: overpopulation, global cataclysms, wars, and planet pollution.

Unexpectedly, a human mixed life with death and evil spirits began to seep through invisible portals – the Earth gradually began to turn into a hellscape. But there are still pure warriors who are ready to fight these demons for the good of man. Armed to the teeth with cannons, two brave soldiers decide to rip hot lead into the monster’s asses!

Scattering demons left and right, cutting flesh with hot bullets they’re clearing the world of evil!

The two soldiers, brothers by blood, called themselves….. OVERCLEARs.


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