Doomsday’s Child



What does it mean to be human when humanity is gone?

In the post-collapse wasteland of Tasmania, it’s difficult enough to survive when you’re going it alone. So when former US Army Ranger Elliot is made responsible for orphaned boy Lewis, a hard task gets even harder.

Hunted by the men who murdered Lewis’s family – as well as by the teeming undead – Elliot tries to teach the boy what it takes to survive in this harsh new world. He’s not sure Lewis has what it takes to make it.

As the body count rises and the undead close in, Elliot’s not sure he does either.


“A story exposing tendon and bone, as well as the very essence of humanity. Doomsday’s Child is compelling reading. If you love zombie fiction, then this is for you, and if zombies aren’t your thing, get it anyway, as you might just be surprised.” ~ Lee Murray, author of Into the Mist and Hounds of the Underworld


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