Author Ray Wenck



Random Survival

A deadly virus sweeps through the country, leaving Mark alone to face the new world. He has no idea why the disease spared him when so many others have died, but if he wants to stay alive, he needs to prepare. With survivors scarce and unsure who to trust, he begins collecting food and water, but as his stores grow, he knows others will come and if they find him, they will not hesitate to kill for his stockpile.

As bands of marauders reach his neighborhood stripping it of anything useful, Mark fortifies his house and stays hidden. However, when those bandits ambush a caravan of families, Mark can no longer sit back and watch. He intercedes, saving Lynn and her three children, but now the band of thieves knows of his existence, and they hunt him.
The enemy closes in. With only a handful of young, inexperienced fighters in his group, Mark chooses to run. But when Lynn is abducted by the gang, their only choice to save her is to attack.

With time running out for their friend, Mark must lead a daring and dangerous assault knowing that to fail means death for them all.


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