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Alone Season 9 Map: Redditor Finds the Contestants’ Camps

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Have you ever wished for a map of the camps when watching History Channel’s Alone? If so, have I got good news for you!

Alone Season 9 takes place in Labrador, Canada, but we’re never given the exact location of where the contestants are dropped. Luckily, a Redditor has solved the mystery using, of all things, Bing.

When this season started in May, Redditor BengalBean posted a thread with what they claimed were the locations of the contestant’s camps.

“I used Bing maps as their satellite imagery of the Big River area in Labrador is much clearer than google’s. I also used reference numbers to match up features in the map & participant aerial view.”

BengalBean didn’t just provide the above image, but used shots from the show to determine where the camps are located in a more precise location. They analyzed what could be seen from the introductory fly-overs (when the show includes text like Day #, the time, and the contestant’s name) and compared that to the topographical maps.

Some camps, like Terry’s, were easy to find due to the unique nature of the landscape, and others, like Jessie’s, were harder to pinpoint.

What’s even more interesting is that Redditors pointed out how close the contestants were to one another. I always wondered whether contestants could run into one another on the show if they travelled far enough. Redditor Solution_9_ brings up a rather funny point about Season 9: “Both Igor and Teimojin could float a boat downstream and spot 2 other contestants’ campsites by just looking for the campfire smoke from the river. Imagine its mid November, day 58, and someone is watching you in an old repaired boat that they found, munching on a big game kill that they got lucky on. All the while your fishing spots are starting to freeze over and foxes are stealing your snares. That would be so demoralizing, lol.”

Now, the real question: can you visit these areas? The region is Big River in Nunatsiavut, Labrador, an autonomous area claimed by the Inuit First Nations. I’m not sure how the territory boundaries work in Labrador, whether you can wander into the wilderness at will without being considered a trespasser. To avoid that complication, it seems your best bet if you wish to tour the Alone Season 9 sites would be to reach out to a guide group like Big River Camps out of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. This is a hunting and fishing tour company (though only fishing is done in Labrador), so you might have to take up the activity!

I love eating Atlantic Salmon and would also love to see Jessie or Adam’s camp in person, so I’m adding this to my travel bucket list!

Check out BengalBean’s post on Reddit to see the location of all the camps! 


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