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Alone: Frozen Episode 4 Recap and Review

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Episode 4 of Alone: Frozen takes place over days 39-36. Four contestants remain at the start of the episode. 


After many seasons of watching Alone, a question I had about menstrual products was finally answered (I assumed women contestants were given a supply, but Callie confirmed it). 

Despite her cramps, she heads out to make traps, specifically the “Grouse Getter 2000.” As she builds it, she talks about how having a time limit on the season is easier, in that she can plan her energy output. She says she will focus on “passive good procurement as opposed to active,” meaning more traps than hunting (to conserve energy).

A few days later, she eats a chunk of sea ice, which she compares to chips. She checks her traplines but doesn’t find anything – she grows emotional, starting to doubt that land will provide for her. She’s worried about the effect this will have on her body. Luckily, she manages to shoot a grouse at the end of the episode. I don’t know if I would have gone so far as to kiss it as she did, but it’s clear she’s regained her confidence in the land (and herself).


Amós begins his segment by going to check his snares and, on the way, hunt a bear.

As he walks, Amós explains that he’s hunting with a bow he made, which he weighted (along with the arrows) so it can take down a bear. He does indeed find a bear trail, as well as its bed and some skulls. 

Unfortunately, there was no bear in attendance, so he heads back to his snares. He finds a hare in his snare and, close by, the mangled body of the ptarmigan he shot (and couldn’t find) days ago. He decides to use the corpse as bear bait. 

At the end of the episode, he comes across another grouse and shoots it. While he’s eating it, he laments the state of his shelter, which appears very windy and cold.  



In this episode, Woniya is wearing what she calls “the world’s largest sweater.” Not only is it warm and comfy, but she begins cannibalizing it for other uses, like using the thread as markers for her snares.

She explains that she took a course in tracking before going on Alone: Frozen, to better her chances. She gets really excited about rabbit poop near her snares and does her laundry in the lake.

She explains that her teeth got destroyed in the Arctic (with 14 cavities needing filling and two crowns put in), and this time she’s going to be more aware of the changes in her body. She ends the episode with success at trapping a snowshoe hare. 



Michelle has much more patience than me because if I’d tangled 300 yards of fishing line, I’d probably whip it into the lake in frustration. 

But Michelle manages to untangle it, and heavy wet snow begins as she walks to the beach. We don’t see much of Michelle in this episode, but she finds a Canada Jay lying on the beach that a predator bird likely dropped. Finders keepers! 



At this point, every contestant has weaknesses and strengths. Callie is relatively steady at finding food, but she’s shown us she might crack if things get too harsh. Amós is a badass, but his shelter kind of sucks. Michelle has the best shelter but has the least amount of hunting experience. And Woniya is the wild card. But, I think they all can still stay the whole 50 days. 


The next episode airs on Sept 8 on History Channel and StackTV. 

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