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Adventure Time: Shocking Connection Between Jake and Orgalorg?

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We have a theory over here at post-apocalyptic about Jake and Orgalorg, and you are going to be SHOCKED. But first, DO NOT READ unless you’ve seen this entire season of Adventure Time, including the Finnale. OK… Ready?

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Adventure Time Orgalorg

OK, to start out, you’ll have to think back to the Adventure Time episode where we learned Jake’s origins, “Joshua and Margaret Investigations.” In that episode, we found out the crazy truth that Jake’s dad, Joshua, is technically his “mom,” and his dad is actually a crazy shape-shifter alien from another dimension.

Jake was born when the alien infected his dad with his venom, causing him to develop a cyst/boil from which Jake was born. (Ewwww!) This is why Jake is a shape shifter himself!

But here’s the part you might NOT remember… What Jake’s dad the shape-shifter looks like: (Thanks to the Adventure Time wikia for this photo and background info!)

jake shape shifter dad

Now tell me, WHO does that photo remind you of? Hmmm…. Think about the face… The weird star-shaped mouth surrounded by eyes… Now compare the face of that creature to these photos of Orgalorg from the Comet episode…

IMG_2547 IMG_2546 IMG_2542

Both are shapeshifters. Both have faces with a star-shaped mouth and five eyes… I think Jake’s dad and Orgalorg are either part of the same species, or perhaps Jake’s dad is Orgalorg’s spawn!

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Want more hints? Well… Remember that Gunther aka Orgalorg has a child, a sweet pink kitten who actually has crazy abilities, shoots lasers from her eyes, and is probably a baby Orgalorg. (See “Reign of Gunters.”)


Well… What was the first shape that Jake’s shape-shifter dad was seen in?

A blue cat.

jake shape shifter cat 2

Oh, and don’t forget that Jake’s dad ALSO has laser eyes (although his are used to open portals, not destroy things…)

So yes, I think that Orgalorg and Jake’s dad are related somehow, making JAKE related to Orgalorg. And this might lead to some epic battle down the line… What do you think? Let me know in a comment below!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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