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8 Amazingly Unique Walking Dead Christmas Gift Ideas from Reddit

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Right after Christmas, you can find tons of people bragging online about the simply ah-mazing Walking Dead gifts they got. But these particular posts are a gold mine of great ideas for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or even just “you’re super cool” gifts that you can get for yourself. But it’s not quite Christmas yet, so you still have a chance to put these ideas to good use!  (Note: This post was originally written in 2015. Some items may no longer be available, but they can inspire similar Christmas gift ideas you might not have considered!) 

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Reddit (one of my favorite sites) has a particularly inspiring set of posts on the Walking Dead Subreddit featuring the most unique Walking Dead gifts you can imagine. We’ve compiled our top 7 picks in terms of uniqueness and creativity. See anything that we missed? Leave a comment below!

8. Wood-Burned Coasters

Wood-Burned Walking Dead Coasters
(Redditor Dreaded)

A Redditor made these wood-burned coasters for a relative’s Christmas gift. The coasters feature pictures of zombies and a “Don’t Open – Dead Inside” door sign. These are really unique! If you’re interested in learning how to make your own wood-burned art and decor, an entire subreddit is dedicated to the topic.  Source: Reddit

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7. Walking Dead Mittens

Walking Dead Mittens

These are AMAZING. Seriously – with the right pattern, you could make identical mittens or you could even make pretty amazing Walking Dead themed gloves, according to the source on Reddit. Line them with fleece in a matching color to make them extra useful, the creator suggests. The fabric is available from Jo-Ann Fabric.

However, I suggest SKIPPING Jo-Ann Fabric and buying it for half the price on Amazon! The exact same fabric is available, or you can get a different fabric featuring a woman carrying a sword from Walking Dead. See all your Walking Dead fabric choices from Amazon at this link.

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6. Signed Walking Dead Script

The Walking Dead Signed Script by Norman Reedus

Yep, a Secret Santa on Reddit sent one lucky person a Walking Dead script signed by Norman Reedus. Can we say jealous much? Although the gifter obtained the script because he worked in the production department of the show, you can buy yourself a signed script off Amazon if you want. 🙂 They’re pretty expensive, ranging from $100 to $200 (or even $300 for the pilot episode!) The complete list of Amazon scripts is here. We personally like the pilot script signed by Andrew Lincoln here (and shown on the left.) 

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5. Crossbow Signed by Norman Reedus

Crossbow Signed by Norman Reedus

This is one SUPER EXPENSIVE gift, running $499 on Amazon (but no longer available.)  The Redditor who posted this gift says the first line reads “No tolerance for walkers.” But here’s the deal; there’s only two of these babies left in stock. If you want to downgrade a bit, you can buy a crossbow arrow signed by Norman Reedus on Amazon. Or go all out and get a framed and signed crossbow arrow and handcuff SET, featuring photos of Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, signed by both of them, for $699.99, available at this link. 

2018 update: Seems like some of these items are no longer available, but don’t lose hope! You can still get a Norman Reedus signed knife or crossbow, or lots of other Reedus signed items here.

4. Walking Dead Drinking Game

Walking Dead Drinking Game

This one you’ll have to create yourself, but the photo can inspire you. Although, this one may be more aptly titled “The Walking Dead Alcohol Poisoning Game.” What I especially like about this one is that the Redditor who posted the gift said his daughter made it for him. (Or maybe this was a mom whose daughter made it for her, either way, pretty cool parent-child relationship there!)

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3. The Walking Dead “Ninja Blender” Cookbook

Seriously! One Redditor created an awesome cookbook for Ninja blenders with a Walking Dead theme and shared the entire cookbook with Reddit (and the world!) via Google Docs. You can download the whole cookbook if you want, and access it right here. Warning though — some items in this cookbook might contain spoilers up to the last episode. The cookbook even features healthier items and vegan selections.

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If that’s not your style, here are some other Walking Dead cookbooks.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide
(As of: 2024/01/10 8:58 am - Details
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon partner program)

2. Modge-Podge Walking Dead Art

Walking Dead Collage Art

One Redditor posted about their sister making this amazing 20″x 24″ collage art piece based on The Walking Dead. For those wondering the art features images of Carl, Michonne, Daryl and Rick. You can make your own, using different pieces of paper and magazines to achieve a similar effect. The idea was based off this poster, created by Rany Atlan.

1. Walking Dead Beer Pong Table

Walking Dead Beer Pong Table

How can this one NOT be ranked as #1?! This enterprising husband on Reddit designed the table for his wife, who must really enjoy playing beer pong. Anyone out there want to make a similar one for your spouse or SO? If you want to see all the pictures of the table, they’re here on Imgur.

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