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The 100 Season 5 Premiere: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

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The 100 starts the season off strong with Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) all alone after a death wave of radiation from nuclear meltdowns across the planet ravaged everything in its path; save for one single living valley.

One of our favorite things about tonight’s episode is, of course, Eliza Taylor’s performance.

In this season’s premiere, aptly named Eden, Eliza Taylor carries the majority of the episode on her own as she seamlessly plays through the emotions of loss, devastation, desperation, and hope that’s reminiscent of films such as I Am Legend or Castaway.

In the Season 5 premiere, Eliza Taylor reminded us of I Am Legend or Castaway. #The100 Share on X

Clarke Griffin struggles for weeks to dig out the bunker in hopes of spending the next five years with her family, only for her hopes to be shattered after the realization that she doesn’t have the manpower to remove the tons of concrete and debris left behind by the death wave. It’s in this moment we begin to feel the reality of her isolation set in.

Along with Clarke’s struggle to find sources of food and water, we get an inside look at her psychological state of mind and grief that had been continually put on the back burner amidst the race against time and daily fight to survive.

With the absence of immediate threats, Clarke finally has a moment to reflect on her losses, and her performances are cathartic and gut wrenching in the best way!

The CW

After almost losing all hope, Clarke finally finds Eden and her will to live is revived. It is here that Clarke meets Madi, a young Night Blood and sole survivor of her clan.

Another favorite moment for us has to be Clarke’s initial meeting with Madi, which isn’t exactly full of rainbows and butterflies like we’d imagined. But would it really be The 100 otherwise? Clarke and Madi’s early scenes provide a nice break with some comic relief. Madi as a feral six year old can only be described as a sour patch kid; sour at first, then sweet.

The CW
The CW

Fast forward six years and Clarke has developed an intense (what has been described by executive producer, Jason Rothenberg, as “maternal”) bond with Madi (played by Lola Flannery).

Madi seems to have quite the admiration for Octavia Blake, calling her a “badass” as Clarke humors Madi’s gushing and confidence in Octavia’s ability to save everyone in the bunker.

However, Clarke seems to be a bit concerned with Madi’s idolization of Octavia and this scene appears to be setup for a possible plot line or relationship between the two further down the line…and how it might become a problem.

Could Clarke's concern about Madi's idolization of Octavia hint at problems down the line? #The100 Share on X

Our last and FINAL favorite moment of this premiere was seeing our space delinquents together once again. Monty is bright and compassionate as ever. Raven Reyes returns in all of her fiery glory, smiling and safe, just the way we like it!

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Some relationships have been strengthened by the time jump, others are in tough spots, and some…well, some are just plain bizarre. Some might argue that they’re even out of character.

With the arrival of the Eligius ship, however, the group is spurred into action with Bellamy leading the charge to get everyone back home, his sister being his number one priority.

Murphy and Bellamy (The CW)

Speaking of, we’re left with quite the cliffhanger as Octavia seems to have begun a new and bloody tradition. Tune in to next week’s episode, “The Red Queen,” to find out how Octavia managed to keep the bunker under control over the time jump!

Octavia! (The CW)

We can’t wait to see what happens next week. What about you? Let us know what you thought about the Season 5 premiere in the comments below.


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